This Week’s Television Guest: Jodie Hughes

September 10, 2020

What if you moved from one-sided conversations into supernatural encounters with the King of Heaven?

Jodie and Ben Hughes were leaders and hosts of the Pineapple Revival—a powerful Holy Spirit outpouring in Australia. But during its days, Jodie found herself in the midst of a major battle for her health. Weighing a mere 80 pounds, Jodie came out of her adversity and the principles she learned were tested and proven.


The King’s Decree is an invitation to enter Heaven’s throne room, hear God’s voice and speak those words in earth’s realm. Jodie teaches you how to…


  Hold a “tent of meeting” encounter with God

  Make declarations that represent the Voice of God

  Translate Heaven’s words into Kingdom decrees

  Release supernatural life into strongholds of darkness and oppression


Then Jodie’s 3-part audio series, Releasing Heaven’s Decrees, goes even deeper on how to release decrees into any situation. Especially yours.

Upgrade your spiritual life as you develop your voice for Kingdom decrees!

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