This Week’s Television Guest: Tracy Eckert

March 2, 2021

What did the foolish virgin say to the wise virgin?

Tracy Eckert says it’s time to put distractions in their place and prepare your heart for the return of Jesus. You will be ready, or not!


Tracy’s new book, God’s End-Time Temple, shows you how to prepare your heart with a collective purpose in mind. It means putting aside every hindering distraction. Because it is your focus that God wants.


Tracy shares from her own surprising journey as the Holy Spirit detailed God’s blueprint for His “capstone generation.” What is on the table? Tracy points to:


• 100-fold fruitfulness in prayer
• Discernment of “signs of the times”
• Bearing fruit that remains in your sphere of influence
• Increased transformation in your own life


Tracy’s 3-CD/audio series, 7 Steps to Hearing the Voice of God, will help you move forward, and she urges you to start identifying your distractions now, not at midnight. She says God plans to sovereignly fill His Temple for the return of Jesus, and you already hold your invitation!

Tracy says the time to press in is NOW, not at midnight!

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