This Week’s Television Guest: Kevin Zadai

September 29, 2020

You need to know what Heaven really wants!

In his exclusive 5-part audio series, Releasing Heaven Now, Kevin Zadai reveals the Person behind the veil…your Holy God!


God wants you to know how His character and attributes minister to you AND through you. Did you know that seeking His holiness actually ministers to the Father? It is your path to the Father’s heart, and Kevin both describes and shares about:


• The room of the Father’s Heart
• The benefits of waiting on Him
• Holy Fire – what it is and why we need it
• Holy angels and their connection to Holy Fire
• How to get to the Secret Place and stay there!


Kevin also prays for you to begin releasing Heaven and have your own breakthrough encounters with Holy Fire. Wisdom and revelation follow—we need to start now!

There’s another level of your relationship with Father God. It begins with Holy Fire.

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