This Week’s Television Guest: Dr. Jennifer Clark

February 17, 2021

satan is always saying he has a better idea.

Jennifer Clark says the fall from innocence in the Garden of Eden wasn’t God’s plan. That hasn’t stopped satan from saying he has a better idea—POVERTY!


Jennifer’s latest 3-part audio teaching, God’s Plan to Prosper, will help you understand why free enterprise and compassion represent God’s heart. He is able to bless the work of your hands!


And Jennifer’s book, Satan Is a Socialist, makes it clear. This is both a spiritual and political issue. She examines how the Bible and history demonstrate what brings liberty AND also shakes off the heavy chains of bondage and dependence.


Jennifer gives answers that expose “academic concepts” that have failed and failed again. Her overview shows you:


• What the differences are between free enterprise and socialism
• Why the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution matter
• What the Bible says about socialism/communism


Jennifer lays out solid insights and common sense not found on media outlets today. When someone asks you why America’s way is better, you should be able to say why! And when someone tells you socialism is better, you better know better.

America has become a standard for wealth and opportunity—but we are not without poverty (satan).

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