Real People. Real Inspiring Stories. Here are a few testimonies from people who have encountered the supernatural of God through our programs and the web site:

  • Virginia Petit

    “I listened to your first radio broadcast in the 70’s and was hooked! ”

  • M.J. (Philippines)

    Stronger Faith

    “I am still weeping after every viewing of the videos you have shared on YouTube. I cannot thank you enough for giving me a much stronger faith in God. I am speechless.”

  • Beverly


    “Thank you, thank you, thank you Sid for following God’s call!!! You know how much I love you guys!!!”

  • Malcom

    Cancer Free

    “Six years ago, I was given three to six months to live….Through It’s Supernatural! programs and prayers of the saints, I am now cancer free.”

  • Kiki (India)

    Thirsty for God

    “I’ve been watching your videos…and I have to say it’s the most amazing show ever. Your show brings so much blessing, knowledge to people like me who are so thirsty for the word of God but don’t know where or how to quench my thirst.”

  • Anonymous (Romania)

    Back to God

    “The devil destroyed everything in my life but then I saw your show and came back to God.”

  • Gena

    My Thumbs!

    “My thumbs have been healed!!! Thank you in Jesus name!!!”

  • Mark

    Forearm Healed

    “I was healed in my forearm. It has been hurting for over a year. I felt like it was healed during the program, so I picked up 30 lb. dumbbells and started doing arm curls and there was no pain!! Praise the Lord!!”

  • Maggie

    Loves ISN

    “I absolutely love your ministry and have watched ISN almost exclusively since getting higher speed Internet and a Roku about two years ago. I began partnering with you almost immediately.”

  • Vinica

    Having a Baby!

    “I am writing to thank you for praying for me a few months back. I was not able to conceive for four years, but yes, I have conceived and its my 7th week of pregnancy. Praise the Lord! Also, keep me and my baby in your prayers…”

  • Sandy Foster

    Constant Encouragement

    “Your ministry has blessed me for many, many years. I was always hungry for the supernatural of God, and your show has been a constant encouragement to me. Your enthusiasm and that of your guests is so uplifting! ”

  • Randall

    Suddenly Healed!

    “My husband’s 85 year old mom was watching your show. As Gordon Robertson talked she suddenly claimed her healing and got it.

    She had back pain for 14 years after spinal fusion surgery failed to correct her problems. In constant pain since that time, she took medication to cope. She was forced to use a walker.

    She shared about this miraculous healing, which her son initially did not believe. She is literally a new person. She is in her mid 80s!

    You need to know so you can rejoice with us too!”

  • Leonie

    Eye Healed!

    “A couple of weeks ago I requested prayer for healing of my cousins’s eye. The eye is almost completely healed with vision restored, and the specialist says she will no longer need an operation. Praise the Lord and thank you for this ministry.”

  • Cole

    Gout Is Gone!

    “I had been having pains in my left toe since February. The pain grew worse and unbearable to the point that I was limping, so I went to my doctor. He concluded that I had gout, a form of arthritis. Tests confirmed that I had gout. I started using the prescribed medicines but the illness grew worse. The pains spread throughout my foot and then to my knee.

    That led to a visit to a second doctor, who was shocked at the at the amount of medication I was taking. I believed God wanted me to stop using these medicines. However, I do have one painkiller that I still use…It’s Supernatural!

    I decided to watch several past episodes by Gordon Robertson, James Goll, LaDonna Taylor and James Durham. I took two tablets and prayed with the guests in each of these episodes. There was terrible pain in my knee and foot as I prayed along, such that I have never felt before.

    A few minutes later the pains went. I stood up and, to my amazement, there was no more pain. It was too sudden to believe. Now I walk as normal. This miracle touched my heart…”

  • Vera

    Knee Miracle

    “I gave a mentoring DVD to a friend. My friend’s daughter happened to watch it — she was scheduled for a knee operation.

    The man on the DVD said to put her hand on her knee. So she put her hand on her knee and was healed instantly!”

  • Amalia

    Electrical Heart Problem

    “…you gave a word of knowledge an electrical problem in the heart was being healed. You said you didn’t even understand what that meant.

    I did. My heart condition included such a problem, for which I’d taken medication daily for the past 13 years or so. I had a dull pain on the left side of my chest due to a blockage. At times my heart and pulse would race up to 165 pulses per minute (the electrical problem).

    I figured the word had to be for me. Since that day I have not had pain even though I stopped the medication at least three months ago. I thank Jesus for the healing and for the word He gave me through you.”

  • Natali

    Extreme Hypothyroidism

    “I had been exhausted and aching terribly, even losing my hair. Blood tests said I had extreme hypothyroidism. My aching turned to burning, horrible pain. I could not sleep.

    A voice told me to google miracle healings, so I did on my cell phone. I came across a video of Sid doing an interview. I listened and prayed at the end. All pain gone! I have told everyone I know. Now just waiting for my hair to grow back. Feeling great!”

  • Michael

    Healed in My Cell

    “I’m in a one man cell from medical problems I’ve had for over 20 years, and also to keep other inmates away from me. One good thing is I have a TV to watch 24/7. I watch your programs…for over 7 months now.

    I’ve never asked Jesus in to my heart and life, so I said to myself, “What do I have to lose if all you say is true?” I prayed with you and cried for over an hour. And something else happened to me. For over 2 hours I felt warm and very hot all over my body, from my head to my feet. I started feeling great all over, and all the medical problems I’ve had for over 20 years were gone.

    I don’t know what happened to me but I felt like a new man. I told my doctor. He said he didn’t know what happened, but it was like I never had a medical problem at all. He took me off all my medications!

    I feel better every day. I want to thank you. I’ll never forget that day ever in my life.”

  • Don

    Back and Kidney Healed

    “My back and kidney were hurt in a bad fall a month ago. It had gotten no better after that time. However, when watching the Jonathan Bernis interview, Sid said backs were being healed. I checked and tested for pain in my kidney, and it was all gone! Thank you, Jesus!”

  • Ed

    Bladder Cancer Healed

    “I was diagnosed with bladder cancer and had completed a series of chemo treatments.

    About a year ago I was watching your program and your guest said that when he blew the shofar all forms of cancer had to leave when we touched the cancerous part of our body as he was blowing the shofar.

    All my biopsies have been negative ever since! Hallelujah!”

  • Maryanne

    No Mastectomy Needed!!

    “Two days after listening to Joan Hunter’s instructions on Sid’s recent show, my mammogram results are now clear! Praise the Lord!”

  • Shawn

    Lupus Gone!

    Every week since January I have submitted a prayer request for healing from lupus for Brittany [a friend]. It’s now July. This past Wednesday, she went back to the doctor. He proclaimed, “All your bloodwork and tests are NORMAL and I cannot find anything wrong. I’m not sure what happened….” Praise God! Thank-you, Jesus!!

  • Annitta

    Brain Hemorrhage

    I had ordered your book Supernatural Healing just before my brain hemorrhage. The second week in hospital, my son brought me the book to read. After a couple of chapters, I claimed my healing…. They had given me a 50/50 chance to survive when I collapsed at work. When I was discharged, my consultant could not believe how I was quickly healed with nothing wrong with me.”

  • Cindy

    Walking after 10 Years!

    I was watching your interview with Peter Gammons…I said out loud, ” I wish you would heal me, Lord.” I am deaf in my left ear. I am in a wheelchair, unable to walk due to an accident during back surgery. I have had no sensation in my right leg for the past 10 years. When I spoke I was thinking about my left ear… Anyway, I hear someone say, “You have been healed.” I looked around, but I did not think it was God. A few minutes later I got up. At home I usually lean on furniture to get around. As I reached for the couch I felt pain in my right leg! I put weight on it, then moved my leg as if to walk. I did not fall down! I walked without holding onto any furniture. The Lord healed the connection between my brain and my right leg! I am thrilled what the Lord has done for me. I would like to thank you and also Peter Gammons…”

  • Janina

    From Finland

    “There was something wrong with mother’s neck, nerve damage. She was not able to lift her hand for many years. Doctors said there was no hope.

    One day she said, “Can you imagine what happened a couple of days ago? I was watching Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural!” She felt God told her what Sid was going to say was for her. Sid described someone with her exact problem. He said God was healing her right then and to lift up her arm. Immediately she was healed.

    We live in Finland, and this episode had been recorded many days before my mother actually saw it. This miracle happened about a year and a half ago.”

  • Jean

    Sid’s Healing CD

    “I have listened to Sid’s healing CD for about 4 months. I have had a breakthrough with acute asthma! I am no longer on the inhaler! I can breathe without sounding like a wind tunnel…. Thank you for taking the time to make that CD! It has changed my life!”

  • Emily

    Crohn’s Healed

    “My youngest daughter…was so desperate she said, “Mama, do what you were told to do on the CD [Mel Bond’s Discerning of Spirits]. I placed my hand on her stomach. The three of us believed I cast out the demon of Crohn’s. She went to bed that night, and woke in a heavy sweat across her stomach, the same the next night. The next day she was better and began to eat. No medication, no pain, no nothing. No Crohn’s symptoms and no doctor since…this was God’s gift!”

  • Patrice

    Acid Reflux Healed

    “After watching your show with Don Heist, I have been healed from acid reflux. I heard Don blow the shofar, and I prayed the prayer with you at the end. A few days later I noticed the reflux less and less. Five months later I am still healed. Thank you so much! And Don too!”

  • Anais

    New Body Parts

    “My aunt and I have been watching the show. We heard testimonies of God having new body parts in heaven. My aunt had been having knee pain, so she prayed, “Lord, you have new parts in heaven. I don’t know if I need new ligaments, bone, or what. But I’m believing in you for a new knee. The next day she could kneel down [for the first time] in weeks! She has not had a problem since! Thank you, Jesus!”

  • Joy

    My Hip Had Been Hurting for Months

    “One morning while watching your show It’s Supernatural!, you said at the end of the show, ‘This is totally unexpected. Somebody’s hip has just been healed.’ My hip had been hurting for months and I had to limp sometimes. After you said those words, I got up from the couch and discovered that my hip pain was gone! That was maybe a year ago and it has not come back since. Glory to God. Thank you, Sid.”

  • Sarah

    You Helped Me See God Is Real

    “I’m 19 and got saved at 16. When I first got saved your show was here to guide and help me grow in the Word and the supernatural of God. It was like your show really helped me to see God was real even though our minds can’t imagine Him hearing, seeing and knowing everything that He does. The show helped me to see He cares for us all. It’s like the testimonies I heard gave me such great faith and made me want to live in holiness and righteousness. I just want you to know what you have done is not in vain.”

  • Jane

    I Had Never Expected to Be Healed

    “I had never expected to be healed until I watched your show. I started watching whenever I could find the show on and started truly believing and expecting a miracle.

    Then in February 2010, on Friday the 12th, I experienced pain in my neck. Fearing that I was possibly having heart symptoms (heart disease is in my family), I went to a hospital emergency room closest to my workplace.

    They decided to do a CT scan. While I was in the middle of the test I could feel myself having a stroke. I called out, “Jesus, help me I’m scared.” The doctors immediately stopped the test and brought me back to the emergency room. There my boyfriend prayed over me. Even though my speech was now slurred and my left hand was curled up, I just knew I would be okay. A neurologist then came in the room. WHILE HE WAS TALKING TO ME my speech cleared, and when he asked me to squeeze his hand with my left hand, I found I could!

    The paralysis had ceased, and all the other symptoms vanished as well. They did another scan; this time they found damage about the size of an M&M candy and called it a miracle. Each specialist said I should have had a total brain bleed, but it was as if the bleeding was cauterized and stopped.

    I credit Jesus with this, and after 2 years, am now totally free of symptoms. I am a walking and talking testimony of the love the Lord has for me. I want to credit your show because without it I’m not even sure I would have known I could be healed this way.

    Praise the Lord for Sid Roth and for all the wonderful messages he is spreading.”

  • Jean

    I Had an Acute Case of Asthma

    “I have listened to [your Healing CD] every day, for about 4 months. I had an acute case of asthma and had been coughing up mucus for over a year.

    I have had a breakthrough! I am no longer on the inhaler! I can breathe without sounding like a wind tunnel. I have also learned how to worship God properly…my day is not complete until I listen and confess the word with Sid. Praise God!”