This Week’s Television Guest: Corey Russell

February 1, 2021

Abraham walked with God on a daily basis…

Corey Russell learned why Jesus always set aside time to be with the Father, and why it means so much today.


Corey’s book, Teach Us to Pray, can release a subtle shift in your walk with God AND your authority as a believer. Corey says there’s no room for boredom when you learn to:


• Tune out the distractions and busyness of our culture and find a stronger connection with Jesus

• Discover how your time plus God’s power relates to your family and external circumstances too

• Develop a deeper interaction with the Holy Spirit that leads to the character God wants


In his exclusive 3-part audio series, Experiencing Heaven’s Throne Room, Corey teaches you how to ascend to the Father and stay connected—then release the government of Heaven as you go through your day.


Corey says a deeper walk with God is like going through life with an invisible robe of God’s goodness. It excites God for you to use it and share it!

Are you going through life on FULL, or EMPTY? Corey Russell shows you the difference!

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