Resurrection Glory LIVE Replay

Resurrection Glory

Did you know it is possible to live constantly in the supernatural realm of God’s Glory here and now? My guests—Glenda Jackson, Georg Karl & Eli Ellis—will impart to you Resurrection Glory! All three of my guests operate heavily in this Glory.

You can also watch replays of all our previous live, interactive programs here.

The Supernatural Bible Just Got More Supernatural

The Supernatural Bible & New Era of Glory (Book); Code 3282

Introducing…The Supernatural Bible: Second Edition! Like the original edition, it is based on the Modern English Version, the first update of the King James Version in over 30 years.

The first section of the Bible has now been expanded to 95 pages of resources, including a treasury of the best teaching on the supernatural and Israel, my favorite Scriptures for meditation, and my articles of personal mentoring and motivation.

In this Second Edition, we have added 21 new Healing Scripture chain-referenced commentaries from Dr. Sandra Kennedy and 14new Messianic Prophecy commentaries from Dr. Michael Brown. We have also added chain-referenced commentaries from me on the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and from Dr. Keith Ellis on God’s Greater Glory.