Remembering Steve Hill

Sid Roth March 11, 2014 , , , , ,

Evangelist Steve Hill has slipped into heaven. He was a friend that I will dearly miss.

Steve was known worldwide for being the evangelist that helped usher in the Brownsville Revival which lasted for six years.

Although he grew very sick and was battling a form of skin cancer, miraculously, last year, God restored his health enough that he was able to come on It’s Supernatural! for an interview I will never forget. While he was at our studio, he shared an incredible prophetic vision for our ministry that you can see depicted in the picture below.

Here is the full vision Steve saw:

“What I saw while praying for Sid Roth was stunning. Sid is a man of God, who believes in the supernatural. We were together interceding for one another. I closed my eyes and saw a common passenger train shooting down a straight track. Suddenly there was an explosive conversion of power! The locomotive was transformed into a supersonic bullet train. The acceleration was beyond my belief. The speed was a blur. The train was now moving towards its destination faster than anyone aboard could comprehend. The interpretation was clear. This was the future of Sid Roth’s ministry and It’s Supernatural! Now is the time to get aboard. More must be done and time is not on our side.

I stand with Steve in believing that the best is yet to come for our ministry and I rejoice knowing that he is now in heaven with Yeshua.

I encourage you to watch my last interview with Steve. The words he shared are just as powerful today as they were last year.