Newsmax 1-Hour Special

On this It’s Supernatural! one-hour special, Sid Roth’s guest, Rabbi Felix Halpern, died from a medical mistake, visited Heaven, and was sent back with an urgent message! Then Sid shares how you can experience the same glory that Moses walked in and see miracles manifest in your life!

Live a Glory-Driven Life in Turbulent Times with Faith and Authority!

With Rabbi Halpern’s brand-new book, Dancing Past the Darkness, you will learn to live life as a dance and have glory eyes that will let you see through the present darkness in this age, receive third-heaven revelation, and discover your full authority to break the devil’s power over your life.

Do you have the courage to go on his 31-day adventure to change your life? Rabbi Felix Halpern says yes with his brand-new devotional book, Living with Heaven’s Glory Mindset, 31 Days of Kingdom Glory. Grow in God with a step-by-step 31-day devotional featuring a daily theme, a prayer, an action point, and a space for journal entry for each day.

With Rabbi Felix Halpern’s two-CD set, Adventures in the Secret Place and the Replacing Replacement Theology bonus CD, you will become less attached to the world and more attached to the heavenly mindset when you learn to operate from the secret place. Combat the resurging evil of antisemitism in America and around the world as Rabbi Felix exposes the imminent dangers found in replacement theology.