On this one-hour Newsmax special of It’s Supernatural!, Sid Roth interviews two proven prophets who share what the future holds for America (and the world) in 2023 and beyond!

One documented Covid details, then unnamed, four years prior…“a virus never seen before was coming that would be developed in a lab.”

And both have been shown what the coming decade holds for America and the nations!

Joshua Giles

Joshua Giles prophesied four years before Covid that a virus never seen before was coming that uniquely would be developed in a lab. Yes, it changed our world! Now he has been shown a coming global reset in every sector of society!

Prophetic Forecast & Your Prophetic Forecast (Book & 4-CD/Audio Series) by Joshua Giles

Tomi Arayomi

Tomi Arayomi is a proven prophet who hears from God and also carefully documents his revelations beforehand.

God has highlighted the areas of change that are ahead and also shown Tomi how to prepare—with a next-decade timeframe. Some have just come to pass!

Eat, Sleep, Prophesy, Repeat & Living Prophetically (Book & 3-CD/Audio Series) by Tomi Arayomi