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Messianic Vision - November 2015 Newsletter

Things to Come and the Seventh Shemitah

By Jonathan Cahn

Rabbi Jonathan Cahn has been a frequent guest on It’s Supernatural! television. Recently, Jonathan has taken the world by storm because God has chosen him to reveal patterns and signs He has put in the Bible so that His children would not be caught unawares. One of those signs has been the Shemitah, a 3,000-yearold mystery based on a seven-year pattern in Scripture. God instructed Israel to let the land rest during each Sabbath year—no sowing or reaping—and debts were wiped out. The Shemitah was intended for blessing, but when Israel turned away from God, it became a time of judgment.

Jonathan has found that even today, the Shemitah year can be a time of judgment for nations that reject God. For example, in the United States there have been major financial collapses that coincided with the Shemitah. The most recent Shemitah year ended on September 13, 2015. However, in the new Jewish year from September 2015-September 2016, we are entering what Jonathan refers to as a Super Shemitah. —Sid Roth

What lies ahead? At the end of my recent book, The Mystery of the Shemitah (and the DVD The Mystery of the Shemitah Unlocked), appears a mystery so unique it actually gives the time parameters of when endtime events take place. I titled it The Mystery of the Seventh Shemitah.

Every seventh year was a Shemitah. But every seventh Shemitah ushered in a Super Shemitah known as the ‘Jubilee.’ The Jubilee was the year of restoration. If you lost your property, your ancestral home, your inheritance, your father’s possession, your land, in the year of Jubilee, you got it back. You were restored. “Everyone is to return to his property and to his family.”

If any people on earth have ever been especially separated from their ancestral home, their inheritance, their father’s possession, their land, it is the Jewish people. Two thousand years ago, the armies of Rome drove out the Jewish people from the land of Israel and scattered them throughout the earth. For two thousand years they wandered the earth hated, persecuted, nationless, homeless.

And yet if the Jubilee belongs to any people, it belongs to the Jewish people. Could the Jubilee, the ancient year of restoration, the return to the land one has lost, to one’s ancestral possession, actually hold the key to Israel’s prophetic restoration and end-time events?

We know that the Jubilee must always fall in the year after a Shemitah. We can’t dogmatically say when the Jubilee falls, but we do know the timing of the Shemitah. So could the Shemitah lead us to the answer?

The Shemitah of 1917 ended in September. The year following the Shemitah was September 1917 to September 1918. Could that be the time parameter that holds the key to a prophetic restoration of Israel?

For four centuries, the land of Israel was held by an Islamic power, the Ottoman Turkish Empire. There was no way that the empire would restore the land to the Jewish people. But in World War I, the empire began to collapse. The armies of the British Empire, under General Edmund Allenby, entered the Middle East and approached the Holy Land.

The Turkish soldiers mistook Allenby’s name for “Allah Nebi”—“the messenger sent by Allah” who is coming to bring judgment. Allenby entered Jerusalem to find that the Turkish soldiers had fled in fear.

For the first time in 2,000 years, the land of Israel was under the dominion of a power benevolent to the Jewish people. The British Empire issued the Balfour Declaration establishing the land of “Palestine” as a Jewish homeland. It was a prophetic endtime restoration, a Jubilee. As in the ancient Jubilee, Jewish people now returned to the land of their fathers, their long lost ancestral homeland with a clear hope of the “land reverting to the original owners.”

When did this happen? When was the Balfour Declaration made? In November of 1917. In other words, the prophetic restoration of the Jewish people to their land took place in the exact time parameters decreed by the year after the Seventh Shemitah—the Jubilee.

Now what happens if we go forward to find the Seventh Shemitah from that time, and the year following? Could it give us the key to another prophetic end-time restoration?

November 2015 Newsletter
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It takes us to the Hebrew year beginning September 1966 to September 1967. Did anything significant take place around that time? On June 7, 1967, Israel was in the midst of the Six Day War. Israeli soldiers entered the Lion’s Gate of the Old City of Jerusalem. They made their way to the Western Wall, the Temple Mount.

In A.D. 70 the Jewish people lost Jerusalem. Now after 2,000 years it was restored to them. They returned to their ancestral possession— Jubilee. And when did it take place? It happened right in the parameters determined by the Seventh Shemitah from the restoration of the land—the second prophetic Jubilee, and in the exact time parameters.

So when is the next Seventh Shemitah? Counting seven Shemitahs from the last cycle brings us to the year 2015. The corresponding prophetic year would be September 2015 to September 2016. The cycle doesn’t have to continue, but if it did, what would that mean?

It would mean this: In each of the two cycles, it meant war—war in the Middle East, war concerning the nation of Israel, ending with a major restoration of end-time prophecy. Will it repeat again with a major war concerning Israel in this next Hebrew year? Only God knows.

But whether or not the phenomenon of the Seventh Shemitah continues, we can say this: God is on the throne. God is in charge of and over all things. He’s the God of mercy and restoration. It’s His will to restore. He never forgets His people. When He makes a promise, He fulfills it. And when He does, He’s perfectly on time.

Jonthan Cahn caused a national stir with the release of The Harbinger and They Mystery of the Shemitah. He is the head of Hope of the World Ministries at


Dear Mishpochah

By Sid Roth

At the age of 75, F.F. Bosworth traveled to Africa where he had the most successful ministry of his life! Bosworth is the author of the healing classic, Christ the Healer, with over 500,000 in print.

What caught my eye was age 75. Why did God wait until Bosworth was 75 for his ministry to explode? The answer is, God prepares a person their entire life for a specific purpose.

This is the way I feel about my life. I turned 75 years young on September 7th. Yet I feel everything I have done so far has been in preparation for this moment in history.

I know my purpose is to reach multitudes of Jews for Messiah. As Jewish people are saved, it will spark the greatest Gentile revival in history.

Paul explained it this way in Romans 11:12: “Now if their fall [Jewish people’s unbelief in Jesus] is riches for the world, and their failure riches [salvation] for the Gentiles, how much more their fullness [it will result in even greater Gentile salvations]!”

This is a partial list of what God has done through our ministry in accomplishing our goal to date:
•We have mailed my Jewish evangelistic book They Thought for Themselves to 1.5 million Jewish households in North America.
•We have distributed 1.3 million copies of the Russian version of my evangelistic book—mostly to Russian Jews throughout the former Soviet Union and elsewhere.
•We now broadcast our TV show It’s Supernatural! 37 times a week  in Israel. This includes the top secular network in Israel.
•We conduct large Jewish evangelistic meetings worldwide. Our largest was a meeting of 650 (almost all were unsaved Jews) in Jerusalem, Israel. Ninety-five percent stood up to make public professions of faith
•And we are equipping Christians through our TV show, our school of ministry and our new publishing house to be naturally supernatural—because the best way to reach Jews is by demonstrating the Kingdom and earning the right to present the King.

In September we launched our new monthly live TV show—Sid Roth’s Night of Miracles. I expect to hear reports of historic miracles happening in people’s homes as they watch the program. And I expect large numbers of unsaved Jewish people to watch the live show and our weekly TV show and be saved! I expect we will even have our own TV production facility in Israel.

I expect to broadcast on It’s Supernatural! Network (ISN) Bible prophecy as it is being fulfilled and miracles as they take place. ISN, our online TV network, is available free now in high definition on every smart phone and computer in the world! Be sure to download our free App by searching on “Sid Roth” in the iOS or Android App store. Or watch on our Roku channel.

Yes, as Rabbi Jonathan Cahn says, we will have a shaking in the United States and the world. But I only have eyes for the shaking of the Holy Spirit and a release of the greatest miracles in history and the greatest spiritual awakening in history!

And yes—life begins at 75!!

November 2015 Newsletter