May 2023 Newsletter

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Messianic Vision - May 2023 Newsletter

By Chad Gonzales

Jesus said to Father God, The glory which You gave Me I have given them [believers] (John 17:22). Imagine standing in a church and declaring, “The same glory that Jesus has, I have!” Do you realize most Christians would call you a heretic? But these were the words of Jesus Himself!

The word glory is used 340 times in the Bible. In Hebrew, it is the word kavod, and it means “glory, honor, abundance, riches, and splendor” and yet can be translated as “the heavy weight of God’s presence that is filled with everything that is good.”

It is impossible for you to be one with Messiah Jesus and not share in what He has.

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One of the more well-known passages about glory is Exodus 33:18-19 in which Moses cried out to God, “Please, show me Your glory.” Then He said, “I will make all My goodness pass before you, and I will proclaim the name of the Lord before you….”

Notice that God equates His glory with His goodness; however, God didn’t just tell Moses about His goodness—God showed Moses His goodness! The glory of God brought the goodness of God, and it was to be experienced!

In 1 Kings 8:11, we see that when Solomon dedicated the temple, the Presence of God filled the temple to such a degree that the priests could not even stand up! You may have experienced something similar yourself. You may have been in church services when the Presence of God was manifest to such a degree that it was hard to stand up. Why? Because the goodness of God is just that magnificent!

Every time the glory of God shows up, encounters with God take place—and it is always good! Isaiah prophesied, Arise, shine; for your light has come! And the glory of the Lord is risen upon you. For behold, the darkness shall cover the earth, and deep darkness the people; but the Lord will arise over you, and His glory will be seen upon you (Isaiah 60:1-2).

This is what happened when Moses got into the Presence of God on the mountain. The Presence of God got into his skin, and Moses began to shine with light! Another aspect of the glory of God is light! Light will not only illuminate, but it will also purify, heal, cleanse, and instantly drive out darkness.

We find over and over again the glory of God, or you could say the Presence of God, was always meant to be experienced whether it be seen or felt.

In the New Testament, the word glory is used in the very same way. The Greek word for glory is doxa and means “glory, brightness, honorable, and magnificent.”When we look at the life of Jesus, it is interesting that the glory is never mentioned until after Jesus was anointed by the Holy Spirit in the Jordan River. When the Holy Spirit came upon Jesus, miracles began to happen in His life and ministry. The glory of God had been within Jesus, and then the glory was upon Jesus, equipping Him for ministry.

Where you find the glory, you find miracles because the life of God and the light of God are there!

Mankind was made to experience God’s glory. More specifically, the glory of God was the clothing of Adam and Eve before they sinned; they were clothed in the magnificence and goodness of God! We were originally made for God’s Presence. Because of Adam’s sin, Adam went from living in the glory of God to living outside it. Every man born after Adam was in need of the glory of God but couldn’t access it.

It is impossible for you to be one with Messiah Jesus and not share in what He has.

Many Christians know Romans 3:23—for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God—but take it out of context because the Apostle Paul wasn’t focusing on sin. If you read the following verses, Paul was focusing on righteousness. He was letting us know the good news that even though we were born into sin and lacking the glory of God, because of salvation, we become the righteousness of God and have full access to the glory! This was the mystery of the gospel! Through salvation, our old sinful self died, and we were made righteous and given back the glory of God because of Messiah in us! For God wanted them to know that the riches and glory of Messiah are for you Gentiles, too. And this is the secret: Messiah lives in you. This gives you assurance of sharing His glory (Colossians 1:27 NLT). Why can we expect to experience the glory of God? Because of our union with Messiah! What was the secret that was hidden for generations? MESSIAH IN YOU. And what would be the result? THE GLORY OF GOD IN YOU! It is impossible for us to be one with Him and not share in what He has (see John 1:14, 16).

Jesus did not give you just a little bit of glory. Jesus didn’t give you just a little bit of the Presence of God! Of His fullness we have all received!

You can’t be in union with something and not share the same stuff.

This was another reason Jesus needed us to become righteous! Jesus needed us to be perfect in spirit so we could be united with Him and thus share in the same glory! Jesus needed us to have the same degree of the light of God, the life of God, the goodness of God, and the power of God to continue destroying the works of darkness on the earth and manifesting Heaven. How would that happen? By us having the glory of God! For now He towers above all creation, for all things exist through Him and for Him. And that God made Him, pioneer of our salvation, perfect through His sufferings, for this is how He brings many sons and daughters to share in His glory (Hebrews 2:10 TPT).

Some would ask, “If we have the same glory as Jesus, why aren’t we experiencing it the same way?” You can’t experience what you don’t know that you have. Most Christians will see in Scripture that they may have some of what Jesus has, but because of religious pride, they would never see themselves fully having what Jesus has. IT IS IMPOSSIBLE for you to be one with Messiah Jesus and not share in what He has. Not only that, IT IS IMPOSSIBLE for you to do the same works as Jesus and even greater works (John 14:12) and yet have less equipment! It amazes me that Christians will talk about doing the same works as Jesus but think they have less authority, power, and anointing. That makes no sense!

You’ll never walk in greater dimensions of glory while you are looking in your natural mirror. Day and night, you must meditate on who you are in Messiah so that ALL of Messiah can live through you!

Note: All Scriptures are from the New King James Version, unless otherwise noted.

Dr. Chad Gonzales has a mandate to bring a supernatural life, filled with miracles, back to the body of believers. Chad is founder and co-director of The Healing Academy. [He resides] in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

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The Day Israel and Iran Were One During a Purim Outreach

By Sid Roth

The Day Israel and Iran Were One!

This year, the day before the Jewish festival of Purim was an historic day! Why? Because I was invited to host two evangelistic meetings on that day (March 5th) to reach unsaved Jews and Iranians in Vancouver, Canada.

I had spoken to Muslims about Jesus and to Jews about Jesus, but never to both people groups together! I do not know if this had ever happened before!

God’s Glory was released at the beginning of the morning meeting, and many were instantly healed in their seats. Many shared their miracles publicly and stood up to receive Jesus as Savior and Lord. It was estimated that about 100 Iranians and Jews publicly stood up in the large group that received the Lord.

In the evening meeting, we started with a fusion of Iranian and Jewish music. A Jewish believer sang Jewish songs in Hebrew and an Iranian believer sang the same songs in Farsi. Again, the Glory erupted with Iranians and Jews being healed and saved!

I spoke with one unsaved Jewish man before the evening meeting started. He said his parents would turn over in their graves if he ever publicly accepted Jesus and was baptized. I explained baptism was originally Jewish! It’s called the mikvah. Religious Jews do this as a form of cleansing from sin. This is why thousands of religious Jews flocked to John the Baptist for cleansing! As I gave the altar call, this same Jewish man was the FIRST to stand up to be saved!

On Purim we celebrate the great miracle recorded in the Book of Esther when the lives of the Jewish people in Persia (now called Iran) were spared from the plot of a wicked man named Haman. The Jewish people were equipped with the sword (a type of the Word of God) and able to defeat those who sought to annihilate them. In fact, many Persians became Jews and began to follow the God of Israel.

When I spoke about the Purim story at the outreach meetings, I called it the day Jews and Iranians became one. And I explained that this was a shadow of the true oneness in Messiah Yeshua! Esther is a book of divine reversals and divine rehearsals. Actually, ALL the biblical feasts are rehearsals of the first or second coming of Jesus! But on this day, we had a preview of what I call the Main Event, which will be an outpouring of God’s Spirit like the world has never seen!

Another preview of the Main Event that’s coming occurred recently at Asbury University. The revival there only lasted 16 days, but 20,000 people came from all over the world to a tiny Kentucky town to experience the Presence of God!

This month is Pentecost. I believe the original Pentecost outpouring of the Holy Spirit in the Book of Acts was a dress rehearsal of the Main Event! Our generation will see the Holy Spirit descend on ALL FLESH. God will not allow the revival to be stopped. This one will grow bigger and bigger. And if man gets in the way, man will be taken out, not God!

This year begins the MAIN EVENT! We will experience greater Glory than Pentecost, Azusa Street, the Jesus Movement and the Charismatic Movement put together! Get ready to walk into your finest hour! Yes, there is hope for America and the rest of the world. Our hope is not in a person or an institution. Our hope is in God alone!

We are offering resources from Chad Gonzales to help you access all the benefits Jesus has secured for you.

Here is a testimony from our Supervising Producer, Daniel Moore, who produced my It’s Supernatural! interview with Chad:

I suffered from tendinitis in both hands for 15 years, to the extent that I couldn’t move or bend my fingers. During a bad flare-up, I discovered Chad’s resources and was instantly healed of my tendinitis. Chad’s teaching has changed my way of thinking about who I am as a believer and what I have access to. In John 17, as Jesus was hours away from being brutally beaten and tortured, He was praying for us. This was not just an “ordinary” prayer—Jesus was prophesying over our lives that we could obtain every blessing through our union with Him!