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Israel will soon be independent of America! But America will always need Israel.

By Perry Stone

Since 1948, Israel has been dependent on America. Sometimes, America has used that relationship of dependency as leverage to force Israel to do things that God would not want them to do — especially in recent years.

A high-level Israeli leader said to me, “We have learned that the American Administration is turning against us, and our only friends that are left are evangelical Christians.”

A major transition is going to occur very soon. I recently spent five hours with a professor who is head of a university in Israel, and I heard some information that is quite stunning.

The professor is a personal friend of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and is friends with members of the Knesset (Israeli parliament). He said, “I’m about to tell you something that may shock you. Within four years, Israel will no longer need the United States for anything. Your Administration in Washington is supporting and financing our enemies. And we know that the party in power in America will probably stay in power from here on out. The best thing for us to do is to get free from American dependency.”

According to the professor, this is what will happen. First, Israel will eventually quit purchasing military airplanes from the United States and will turn to Russia as its supplier instead. The reason for the change is because every time Israel refuses to give up land, the U.S. wants to withdraw a military contract on the table and say, “We’re not going to give you this unless you do what we want.”

Second, Israel now has the technology to build its own computers and develop all of its computer technology without any help from Silicon Valley.

Third, Israelis are discovering medical cures that America will not allow its citizens to have access to. Therefore, the world will come to Israel for the cures instead of America. Israel even has a treatment for Alzheimer’s. And Israel is a major player in researching a cure for diabetes.

In addition, Israel is taking steps to become energy independent by developing the Leviathan offshore gas field in the Mediterranean Sea.

When what the professor described comes to pass, Israel will no longer be dependent on America. But America needs Israel in order to receive blessings that are promised in the covenant that God gave to Abraham.

Why is Israel so important?

  • Israel was the priestly center during the time of Abraham.
  • Israel was the truth center in the time of Moses and the prophets.
  • It was the sacrificial center in the time of David and Solomon.
  • It was the vision center of the prophets in the time of Zechariah.
  • It was the salvation center in the time of Jesus the Messiah and the Apostles.
  • It was the storm center in the time of Messiah’s death and the destruction of Jerusalem.
  • It will be the peace center during the one-thousand-year Millennial reign of Messiah Jesus.
  • It will be the glory center when the new heavens and the new earth have come!
May 2015 Newsletter
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But the main reason Israel is so important is that it was born out of a covenant between God and a man named Abraham. God calls Israel His son, His firstborn, His beloved. It is the only nation on earth that God Himself sealed in covenant — the only nation totally ordained by God.

Other nations will be blessed or cursed depending on their treatment of Israel. There is no law or rule in Scripture that says, “If you mess with America, you’re going to be cursed. If you bless America, you’re going to be blessed.” Nor is it there for Britain or France. It’s only there for one nation.

It is important for the leaders of America to know the biblical context for how God sees Israel. Otherwise, they are not going to understand the favor that comes on a nation or an individual when they stand with Israel. Does that mean Israel does everything right? Absolutely not. But the issue today is that the land belongs to Abraham’s seed through Isaac. The reason that the land covenant is so important is because it was marked in covenant blood on the altars built by Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and David. And God doesn’t treat His covenant lightly.

So if America mistreats Israel, there will be a battle. Not between America and Israel. Rather, it will be a battle of God against America.

Some Christians say, “God’s not going to do that because He needs America.” Really? There are more Christians right now in China than in the United States. And these people are real Christians.

In Genesis 12:3, God says He will bless those who bless the Jewish people and curse those who curse them. There is a misunderstanding about the meaning of the word “curse.” By definition, the Hebrew word for “curse” means “to stop the flow.” We think curse means God hitting you on the head, God doing away with you, or God cutting you off. No. The root word simply means, “to stop the flow of water.” When the flow stops, the favor quits. So a curse in Hebrew by definition is “for God to stop the flow of blessing in your life.”

Now, this is what I see taking place with the United States. We are in what I call a self-destructive mode.

There are several things we are doing that are blocking the flow of God’s blessings on this nation:

We are not allowing healthcare breakthroughs that other nations permit. Some sick people are forced to go outside the country to get treatment because we would rather make money giving out pills.

We are legalizing illegal drugs for tax revenue.

We are permitting what God calls abominations. When we legally recognize homosexual marriage, it is against God’s covenant. We are allowing what God hates and it changes the game. That’s why it looks like everything in America is going crazy. In Leviticus 26:15-17, God makes clear that when Israel breaks His covenant, “I will even appoint terror over you…. I will set My face against you, and you shall be defeated by your enemies.” We need the favor of God.

But one of the biggest ways we are blocking the flow of God’s blessings is when we come against Israel. Pray for America and its leaders that we would bless Israel — not just for Israel’s sake, but for the future of America!

No matter what happens with the government of America, there will always be a remnant of people like the Sons of Issachar who understand the times. They are going to pray for the peace of Jerusalem and support Israel.

Do not fear! God always takes care of His remnant. When others are falling apart, God will always protect and provide for those who are covenant-oriented and obedient to Him.

Perry Stone is a best-selling author and international evangelist who directs The Voice of Evangelism.

Dear Mishpochah

There is a reason I am receiving so many letters from young people who are regular viewers of our TV show. God says in Joel 2:28 (NLT), “I will pour out my Spirit upon all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy…. And your young men will see visions.”

The devil is trying to wipe out our youth by controlling our schools, news and entertainment industry. But get ready for an amazing outpouring of His Spirit on the youth. “When the enemy comes in like a flood [through drugs, sexual immorality, computers, television, movies and our educational system], the Spirit of the Lord will lift up a standard against him” (Isaiah 59:19).

When our youth are swept into the Kingdom by the coming of the Glory of the Lord, they will not be satisfied with normal seeker-sensitive religion. They will only have their needs met by “normal” as defined by the Bible. This is why we are equipping believers with our TV show, ISN TV network and mentoring clubs to run with God’s Glory when the first waves hit! But praise God the youth have found us!

Hunter writes, Dear Sid Roth,
your show has definitely changed mine and my family’s lives. I am only 13 and I enjoy watching your show a lot…. Your show may be the best Christian TV show I’ve ever seen.

Kimberly shares, For our homeschool Bible class, my five sons (ages 5-13) and I often watch episodes of It’s Supernatural! One day after watching, my sons launched spontaneously into an extended time of intense prayer…. Two of my sons received healing. Thanks for teaching us to hope in the supernatural power of our God!

Lindsey writes, Hi Uncle Sid! Thanks to you and God, I got quite a few people healed. I got some miracle healings for myself while watching your show! I can walk again! Thank you Uncle Sid! You’ve opened my eyes to what God has been doing all along.

Twelve-year-old Sarah says since she started watching our show, I’ve never been the same. When I watched it, I felt a supernatural wave come upon me. Now I know and believe that there is so much more.

Even very young children are being impacted. Dora tells us, I have a very sweet but rambunctious 2 ½-year-old. Ever since Michael was one year of age, he has loved It’s Supernatural! Typically it is extremely difficult to get Michael to sit down, but when It’s Supernatural! is on TV, he is calm, content and peaceful.

I am also excited about the unsaved viewers who are flocking to our show. They are fascinated by the supernatural. You should read the comments of nonbelieving viewers on our YouTube channel where we average 850,000 views per month!

We just received two letters from Buddhists in India. They said they feel great peace when they watch our TV program. I believe they will come to know Jesus soon! We also just got a letter from a homosexual who watches our show: I was so touched by the first Sid Roth show I watched. I continued to watch. I watched them all day long. I said, Lord if you can deliver these people from all they’ve done, surely You can deliver me from the torment of homosexuality — I’ve been free ever since!

Miracle reports are pouring in from all over the world. The cost of airtime and translating the shows is expensive. But God miraculously sustains us because of your prayers and gifts. And we (you and I) are partnering to make the whole world normal — normal according to the Bible. Thank you for investing in this amazing End-Time ministry.

We are in prophetic crunch time. Everything is speeding up! Judgments on people and nations who hate Israel will increase with intensity. Zechariah 2:8 says, He who harms [Israel] sticks his finger in Jehovah’s eye! (TLB). It’s very dangerous to stick your finger in God’s eye!

But for those who are a friend of God and follow His Word on the Jew and Israel, it is the prophetic time for outrageous favor! God will bless those who bless the Jewish people. There is no greater blessing we can give them than salvation. That’s why there is such favor on our ministry right now. And it is getting ready to explode on you!

I recently returned from Jerusalem where I led an evangelistic outreach that was truly historic – 650 unsaved Jews attended and 98% stood to proclaim Jesus as their Messiah! Outreaches like this are one of the things you support as you partner with me. Watch the video I recorded right after the outreach and receive a special prayer of impartation:


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