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Messianic Vision - September 2019 Newsletter

By Christy Johnson

Regardless of your season, the Father longs to use you right now, right where you are!

Your voice carries weight in the heavenly realm, and the enemy knows it. He knows your prayers debilitate him, so he works hard to debilitate your prayers.

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When I was a brand-new mother, I struggled with an attack on my spiritual authority. In my arms I held a beautiful, healthy baby—a dream come true. Yet, in the months following her birth, the enemy relentlessly whispered these lies into my mind: “It’s dirty diapers for you for the rest of your life. Good luck changing the world now!”

We all know this isn’t true. I loved being a new mother, but when you’re in that season, it feels as though your life will be forever consumed with taking care of newborns. It was a cleverly crafted plan to rob me of the joys of motherhood while attempting to usurp my authority in Jesus.

As a result, I didn’t believe I had the power to pray bold prayers. Perhaps you can relate. You may be in a demanding season of taking care of young children. Or maybe you are working a job that feels all-consuming. Maybe you are wondering if you are too old or too young to be used by the Father. Regardless of your season, the Father longs to use you right now, right where you are.

An unexpected answer

My perspective entirely changed one day when I began crying out to Jesus, “I need You to speak to me! I need You to show me purpose in this season of my life right now.”

Later that day, I sat down to nurse my newborn when a TV news report came on about a boy who had been missing for seven years. The detectives still did not have one single lead in this high-profile case.

I looked down at my daughter and felt empathy for the boy’s parents, weeping at the thought of the suffering they must have endured. Then I felt a stirring deep in my spirit and cried out: “Father, Your Word says in Mark 4:22 ‘there is nothing hidden that cannot be revealed. There is nothing in secret that cannot be made known.’ I command a release of angels to go right now and make known the boy’s whereabouts to the detectives. If he is dead or alive, I declare there will be closure for this family, in Jesus’ name.”

I completely forgot about that prayer until the next day, when suddenly, there was a ‘breaking news alert.’ Not even an hour after I had prayed the day before, detectives had received an anonymous tip of the boy’s whereabouts. This led them to the man who had murdered the boy and within two weeks, they found the boy’s body. As awful as it was to hear he was no longer alive, it brought closure to his parents and they were able to give him the burial he deserved.

While I know it was not my prayers alone that brought about this answer, I know that God allowed me to be a part of it. He wanted to teach me that my hands were not tied, and I could change the world right where I was.

I cried in awe, “God, I am amazed You answered me. I am amazed You used me.” I’ll never forget His reply to my heart—“I am not limited by your season.”

Bold prayers that produce solutions

Jesus taught His disciples in Matthew 6:9-10 (NASB): “Pray, then, in this way: ‘Our Father, who is in heaven, Hallowed be Your name. Your kingdom come, Your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven…’” In this Scripture, the Greek word for kingdom is basileia and it means His sovereignty, rule and authority. Who has ever heard an earthly king release a decree saying, “Could you please, maybe, follow this order?” No! Instead, they issue bold declarations sounding like, “This is a decree that you will follow!”

In a like manner, Jesus was showing us our prayers should not sound as though we are begging the Father to ‘maybe,’ ‘possibly,’ move. He longs for us to release heaven to earth. Prophetic prayer is prayer that speaks the answers ahead of time. Our prayers should be releasing His answers in bold authority, not based on who we are or what we can do, but based on our Father’s sovereignty and rule.

The Holy Spirit used this memorable experience with the missing boy to teach me my outward circumstances or feelings did not define my authority in Jesus. I had no kind of ministry platform then, but you don’t need a platform on earth to be known in heaven. God can use you right where you are. He isn’t looking for perfection in your seasons and capabilities. He is simply looking for your words to come into alignment with His answers. As I released supernatural a prophetic strategies to the declaration, He struggles you quickly moved to are facing in reveal the solution.

Disarming a terrorist attack

Years later, our family was in New York City on a ministry trip. I was praying in tongues and asking the Father to show me His heart for the city. I heard Him say, “mercy” and “redemption,” so I prayed into that. As we entered a subway station, I felt a sense of alarm as I walked into a spiritual wall of terror. I had to pray.

I began to prophesy and decree: Terror, I speak to you, you have no place right here. I speak the Blood of Jesus over New York City. I disarm the plans of the enemy and I speak the mercy and redemption of God. I claim Psalm 91 over its streets, above and below. I released angels on assignment to protect the city, me, and my family. I released God’s Kingdom and spoke His solution into the city until I felt the weight of His glory released from me and into the subway where I stood.

Six weeks later there was an attempted terrorist attack at the exact spot where I had prayed. A suicide bomber had planned to kill hundreds of people, but the bomb failed to detonate. I knew we had released God’s solution and angels were assigned to intervene and halt the plans of the enemy.

Your prayers of bold prophetic declaration can and will produce the same kind of awe-inspiring answers and solutions. Will you answer the call to partner with Him and release His heart?

Begin to see the world around you through the lens of heaven and ask yourself, “What problems do I see that need a divine solution?” You won’t need to look far. Then, ask God what His answer is, and pray into that. Speak it as a prophetic declaration as though it has already happened. If you don’t hear a specific word from God, take a promise from His Word and pray that with the God-given authority that is already yours.

As you pray according to His answers, you too will see the remarkable solutions of Jesus released into your life and the world around you.

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Christy Johnston is an intercessor, teacher, prophetic voice, and justice carrier. Together with her husband, Nate, and their two young daughters, she is passionate to raise and empower God’s sons and daughters to release the Kingdom of God across the Earth.


Get ready. It’s beginning to rain!

By Sid Roth

I am writing this while stuck in my apartment because of the coronavirus stay-at-home order. Amazingly, I’m working harder and apparently smarter now than before the pandemic! I have no makeup, no haircut, no suit and tie, no state-of-the-art TV studio and no technicians or producers in my apartment to set up for me. It’s just me and my iPad recording videos for social media.

And these videos are attracting millions of views! With all the TV networks on which we broadcast, I doubt if I have ever had one million viewers. Don’t get me wrong—our It’s Supernatural! evangelistic TV show still plays a major role in our ministry. But I feel an intimacy through Facebook and YouTube that professional TV cannot capture. You see me as I really am!

My “studio” setup is a cardboard box with a pile of books on top, and a napkin holder on top of that to prop up my iPad at the right level. During my first broadcast, it looked like the Leaning Tower of Pisa, as I saw my props not only lean but fall during the broadcast. We were streaming live, so you saw it all!

I know the next, biggest and last move of God has started. I expect the Global Glory to increase and erupt in Israel first as rain and then become a tidal wave. Then, this tidal wave of God’s Glory will hit Gentile believers worldwide in early 2021. God’s pattern is to start with the Jew as a seed to obtain a great Gentile harvest. This pattern is called, “to the Jew first”—the Law of Evangelism!

My Israeli Messianic Jewish friends say their online services are drawing three times the number of viewers as those who attended their congregation in person! We are all finding social media is one of the BEST ways to communicate the Gospel with people and we are all getting better at it!

Israeli Jews who I witnessed to years ago are now calling and expressing interest in Messiah Jesus. Even in the U.S. I see the beginnings of the greatest harvest in history. One billion young people worldwide are about to come to Jesus!

Years ago, a young Hasidic (UltraOrthodox) Talmud student used to sneak into my Messianic Jewish congregation in Brooklyn, New York. He would slip in after the service started, sit in the back row and sneak out before it ended. He wore a broad-brimmed black hat, black clothes and had a beard and braids over the ears. No way was he inconspicuous!

I just got a call from him. He is a solid believer in Jesus now! If God could save him, trust me, He can save the least likely people in your family who have never been saved or are back-slidden. God’s Global Glory is the Game Changer!

To prepare for the harvest, we are busily translating the new edition of my evangelistic book, There Must Be Something More!, into Hebrew and Russian. We will print books, but also make them available as a free download on Russian, Hebrew and English websites. This edition is especially designed for Millennials, but it is an amazing tool to evangelize Jews and Gentiles of all ages. If you request one on the response card, I will send you a free copy. So far we have mailed over 100,000 copies to Jewish Millennials in North America.

We are also taking steps to develop a first-class discipleship course on the web. In the billion-soul harvest, churches and ministries will not have room to disciple everyone in person! So we must develop the best-of-the-best presence online now. Kathryn Kuhlman, who had the greatest miracle ministry of anyone I ever knew, once said to me about her TV show, “We must have TV as good as the best secular TV shows to reach the world!” At that time, hosting a TV or radio show was not even on my radar!

God is saying to look to the new. The old ways will no longer work. The cloud is moving. Don’t stay in the desert. Get ready. It’s beginning to rain!

Just as technology is changing even faster than I anticipated, the Global Glory will quickly change the face of Christianity. And in the same way Moses took a slave nation out of Egypt and everything was new, the Greater Glory combined with new technology will take us into territory never seen before. We have been—and expect to continue to be—at the forefront of the new technology and of demonstrating the Global Glory through media.

As you partner with our soul-winning ministry reaching out to the Jew first, I know the Glory and favor that rests upon us will come upon you and your house. This is the set time to favor Zion. Together we can do it!