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Messianic Vision - January 2019 Newsletter

By Kim Meeder

My beloved Poppi (grandfather) was a true mountain man. He was a hunter, a sherman, a trapper and a skilled teacher of all these things.

When I became a fledgling archer, he counseled me to be very aware of my opponents.

Most importantly, he instructed me to be aware of a wilderness predator—the mountain lion. He told me that unless I was about to be killed by one, I would never see a lion. They are among the deadliest feline killers on earth. Their kill rate is among the highest in the world because they are stealth predators that always attack
their prey from behind. Their vertical jump can launch them fifteen to twenty feet straight up. Their horizontal leap has been measured at an astonishing forty feet. An ambush predator, they leap on their victims from behind while biting the back of the neck. The vertebrae of the neck are crushed or the carotid arteries are pierced. Either way, the prey dies at almost the same moment it realizes it is being attacked.

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When Poppi told me this, my incredulous expression told him in return that I might never enter the woods again.

In his deep, quiet voice, he reassured me that every lion is a coward at heart. Outside of a few extremely rare occasions, they will vehemently avoid all human contact.

But if I ever did encounter a lion face-to-face, Poppi’s instruction was to hold my ground. Maintain fierce and direct eye contact. Make myself as large as possible by holding my arms over my head. And most important of all, do not, do not, do not back up—ever. I am sure my sky- high eyebrows told him that more reassurance was in order.

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“Don’t worry, kiddo,” he said. “If you don’t act like prey, you won’t become prey.

One day I was hiking on a mountain slope in Colorado, exploring the glory of this world as led by God’s presence.

My ever-scanning gaze locked onto a rare sight—an antler was rising through the duff on the forest floor. To walk up to the very place where antlers are shed in the vast wilderness is extraordinary, even when you are looking for them— which I do everywhere I go.

I smiled at God. Finding an antler is so rare. I laughed out loud. It was an elk antler—the rst one I had ever found.

“Lord, thank You!” was my instant response.

I searched the immediate area in hopes that this bull was bedded down and the matched pair would be close by. Sure enough, the second antler lay on the other side of the brush. I raised them both in complete wonder, acknowledging how ridiculously rare this moment was.

Amid my outpouring of praise, a single thought shot through my heart.

Jesus, what are You trying to tell me? Speak, Lord!

What happened next is difficult to describe.

Rising over the fray was the voice of my King.


The enemy has moved into My land. He is attacking My people. He is killing My children. Enough of his attacks! I am calling all those who are Mine to stand up and fight! I am calling My people to take back the land My Son gave His life to defend! Rise up, My people! Rise up and take back the land! Take back the land. Take back the land!

Out of nowhere came a voice. Its shout cut through all like a laser beam. It embodied the definition of authority and roared, Looooook!

I felt it as much as I heard it. Not unlike contacting a wild electric current, every fiber of my being stiffened in the shock wave.

I bolted straight up.

Then I saw it. Not ten feet away in my nine o’clock position was a bush that had been bent over by long-receded winter snows. And beneath it crouched in full attack position was…a mountain lion.

Its eyes were so dilated with excitement that they looked completely black with only the narrowest ring of gold circling the outer rim. The lion was coiled like a mighty spring compressed tight to the ground. It was waiting for me to take one more step— the last step that would put the predator behind me, the final step that would make this a true ambush.

This really is a mountain lion. It really is targeting you for its next attack.

My mind flashed over all the weapons I carry in the wilderness under normal circumstances. But I had come from the airport the day before; I had nothing. My prayer rose as a single thought.

Jesus, I’ve got nothing!

The response was beyond instant. Yes… you… do! Raise up the weapons of war that I have given you! Raise them up and fight!

Attack! Attack! Attack!

In a single motion, my hands ew up over my head, each st brandishing an antler. With the lion’s gaze locked on mine, a single line echoed through my heart.

I see you. I see you!… I see you!

Without conscious thought, I hissed at my enemy. And it hissed back, its unspoken voice seething with primal truth.

And I see you… and I’m going to kill you!

What could have been no more than seconds felt like long moments. Finally, the realization dawned that I could not lower my arms and I could not back away.

Jesus, what next?

His immediate response was equally brief.

Attack! Attack! Attack!

Within His answer there was no gray, no debate, no uncertainty—only His command.

What felt like scalding lava rose in my throat. It could not be contained by logic, culture or reason. The sound that came out of my mouth was unrecognizable. A primal, throaty growl exploded into a terrifying scream. It was the cry of one creature engaging another in a lethal clash. Moving the raised antlers forward and down, I closed the gap between the lion and me with two quick lunges.

My screaming charge brought ten poised, sharp antlers to within three feet of the lion’s eyes.

To my surprise, guess what the lion did?

Nothing! Absolutely nothing! It called my bluff. It only crouched tighter to the ground.

I felt my body surge forward with the intention of driving the antlers through the lion and into the ground. Inches before contact, the lion slipped horizontally to the side. I missed. The antlers hit the ground hard.

The mountain lion leapt away from me and bounded down the steep slope. I watched its escape. As it fled downhill, the tip of its tail swept in huge circles, like a waving white flag of surrender.

The mountain lion disappeared from my view.

I was left standing on a steep shoulder in a ravine with an elk antler still raised in each hand. Realization started sinking in. I was trying to draw in deep breaths, but my chest was so tight that it would not expand. My hands were shaking hard.

A single banner of truth rose and waved above the crush: Jesus won— Satan lost.

Standing on a little knoll by a bent bush, I raised shaking antlers toward the sky and shouted with the host of heaven, “Jesus, Jesus, You reign! You’re still mighty to save! Jeeeeeeeesus! Mighty is the Lamb!

Choose to live in the truth of Jesus’ victory

The truth is, Jesus always wins and Satan always loses.

Read 1 John 5:4–5 (NLT): For every child of God defeats this evil world, and we achieve this victory through
our faith. And who can win this battle against the world? Only those who believe that Jesus is the Son of God.

As children of God, every one of us can win every battle when we stand on faith. Jesus the Messiah has already won every battle we will ever face. Now is the time to start living as if we believe that is true.

Kim Meeder is a bestselling author and co-founder of Crystal Peaks Youth Ranch in Bend, Oregon with her husband, Troy. Founded on hope, the ranch is a place where broken children, horses and families can find wholeness, belonging and trust.


Large numbers of Jews are being saved for the first time in 2,000 years.

By Sid Roth

Why am I reaching historic numbers of Jewish people with the Gospel? Why has this not happened for 2,000 years? There are good biblical answers. But before I share them with you, let’s look at the monumental evangelism that just happened in two countries in a three-week period over the Passover season.

First, at our outreach in Haifa, Israel, 1,300 unsaved Jewish Israelis stood up and publicly proclaimed Jesus as Lord and Savior!

Then, three weeks later, I had a Jewish evangelistic meeting in Kiev, Ukraine. The trip was to be 18 hours travel, including layovers. Due to weather delays it took 26 hours! If I didn’t know God was sending me, it could have easily been aborted. But with every delay I kept saying, “I know we will be there in time!”

The world’s largest Messianic Jewish congregation, located in Kiev, sponsored the outreach. Over 7,000 people came to my lecture on miracles and several thousand believers invited their unsaved Jewish family and friends. Registration was not required but, amazingly, 500 did register and identified themselves as unsaved Jews. Most of the unsaved did not register, so there easily could have been over 2,000 unsaved Jews!

After I declared words of knowledge, many were instantly healed of pain in their head, neck and back, and of many other conditions. Valentina later testified, “I had a broken hip, I had fragments there and displacement. To be honest, I believed, but I doubted. BUT today I started walking! I didn’t walk at all for three years. It’s a miracle!”

For the first time at my evangelistic meetings, after seeing an awesome display of instant miracles, 100% publicly proclaimed Jesus as their Savior and Lord! Since there were many believers also in attendance, the Glory of God moved everyone—believers and unsaved Jews alike— to want to repent of their sins. The common sign of the Greater Glory is massive repentance.

That’s a report of what took place inside the auditorium in Kiev. But our Jewish evangelistic meeting was also broadcast live on a television network that reaches all of Ukraine. Only God knows the total number of Jews who got saved during this live event!

The viewership for our It’s Supernatural! TV program is very high in Ukraine as well as Israel and the entire former Soviet Union. We already have the largest audience of any program on a family of networks that reaches these three areas. Our program airs 19 times a week on these networks. And their latest numbers show we have a new large demographic that is watching—the young people have found our program and are fascinated with miracles.

Now back to my original question: why are large numbers of Jews being saved for the first time in 2,000 years? According to Deuteronomy 28, we Jewish people lost our Temple and our land (Israel) because of sin. We were under a curse and were scattered to the four corners of the earth. Wherever we ended up, we were eventually persecuted and even killed (outside of North America—yet). Paul calls this curse spiritual blindness.

Despite this tragic history, God prophesied the nation of Israel would be formed in one day (Isaiah 66:8)
and the Jews who survived would be regathered to our own nation (Isaiah 11:12). Then two events would happen to prove the curse of spiritual blindness was over.

Curses have a starting point and an ending point. The starting point was when we were scattered. The ending point according to the Bible is at the “fullness of the Gentiles.” Based on Scripture, I know the curse has now ended. Luke 21:24 (The Supernatural Bible, TSB) says: They [the Jewish people] will fall by the edge of the sword and will be led away captive to all nations. And Jerusalem will be trampled on by the Gentiles until
the times of the Gentiles are fulfilled.

We have seen the fulfillment of this in our lifetime. Jerusalem is now in Jewish hands. And now that the curse has ended, it is time to evangelize the Jew.

Another sign that the spiritual scales have been lifted from our eyes is that Jewish people will once again believe in Jesus as our Messiah. Romans 11:25-26 (TSB) says, For I do not want you to be ignorant of this mystery, brothers, lest you be wise in your own estimation, for a partial hardening has come upon Israel until the fullness of the Gentiles has come in. And so all Israel will be saved.

But there is still one remaining problem. My Jewish people have been brainwashed to believe they cannot be Jewish and believe in Jesus. This mental stronghold melts when they witness miracles!

At our outreach meetings, once the Jewish people see so many instant miracles, they are willing to listen to a full, one-hour presentation of the Gospel and easily get saved!

Because the family of TV networks we are on in Israel, Ukraine and the former Soviet Union are so well viewed and these areas are home to the world’s largest Jewish population, we are now nearly doubling the airings of our show from 19 to 34 times a week!

When I was in Israel and Ukraine, people on the street recognized me fromTV—even young people!

This month, when you order Kim Meeder’s amazing resources and add an offering, please know that since we are debt free, your money will be poured into Jewish evangelism such as expanding our TV presence in Israel, Ukraine and the former Soviet Union!

And God hasn’t forgotten the second largest Jewish population area—the United States and Canada. That is why we have mailed my proven Jewish evangelistic book to more than 1.87 million North American Jews—so far. And we are busily mailing our new Millennial Jewish evangelistic book to 750,000 North American Jewish Millennials!

I pray that the next chapter of your “Book of Life” being recorded in Heaven will begin this month. It will be called the chapter of the Greater Glory. Your face and the face of Christianity are ready for the final scene of the last act of the Greatest Show on earth.

Come quickly Lord Jesus!