January 2016 Newsletter

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Messianic Vision - January 2016 Newsletter

Money Mysteries Taught from Heaven

By Gary Keesee

Gary Keesee was so hopelessly in debt, he was afraid to leave his house. Financial pressures dominated his life, attacked his health and made things miserable for his young family. In desperation, Gary cried out to God and received a download from heaven on the mysteries of money. Since then, Gary has gotten out of debt and has taught hundreds of thousands how to do the same. And by the way, today Gary is a millionaire! —Sid Roth.

Let me paint a picture of where we were at our lowest point. We owed on almost a dozen credit cards. We had three loans at 28% interest. We owed the IRS tens of thousands. We owed our parents tens of thousands. We owed on everything we had and everything was falling apart. We were in survival mode. And we had exhausted every place to find money. 

One day an attorney called to say he was going to file a lawsuit against us for one of the debts we owed. That day I suddenly realized, I’m done. I have nothing left. I ran upstairs to my bedroom, and I began to cry out to the Lord. He responded quickly with Philippians 4:19, “My God shall supply all of your need according to His riches in glory by Messiah Jesus.” I said, “Lord, I know that Scripture, but my needs aren’t being met.” And He said, “It’s because you’ve never allowed Me to teach you how My Kingdom operates.” I had no idea what He meant by that. I thought I was in the Kingdom.

I ran downstairs, grabbed my wife’s hand and repented to her as her husband. I said, “I’m sorry we’re in this mess. It’s my fault. But the Lord spoke to me and said the reason is because I don’t understand how His Kingdom operates.” Together we prayed, “Lord, teach us what You mean by ‘Your Kingdom.’” And He began to teach us.

We had lived in financial crisis for almost nine years. This wasn’t a two-week blip on the radar. Pawn shops were a way of life for us to get emergency cash. The electric company would regularly come to turn off our power. And of course our vehicles were really old. We were just glad they started. And amazingly, at that time my profession was financial planning. I know that sounds crazy. The Lord began to teach us using my old van.

 My van burst into flames…

I used to drive an old van that put out thick, white smoke from the exhaust. When I would go to an appointment, I would park the van around the corner to hide it from my clients. One day, shortly after I had asked the Lord to show me how His Kingdom operates, a client followed me out to the van after the appointment. When we finished talking, he stood there with his arms crossed waiting for me to drive off. So I started the van and the white smoke went everywhere. He was a mechanic and he opened the hood to check on the problem. He said, “You’ve busted your head gasket. Drive it home and get it fixed.” 

That was easy for him to say! I had no money, the attorney had just called, we owed $1,300 and he had to have it in three days. We had nothing. We still owed on the van. On the way home I thought, Lord, I don’t know what to do about this van. I can’t sell it broken. I can’t buy a new van. I don’t know what to do. Then I heard myself say out loud, “It’d be better if this thing just burned up and the insurance company pays it off.” About two minutes later, I noticed a bubble began to form on the front hood. By the time I got to my office, the van burst into flames. The insurance company totaled it and gave me a check. I had enough money to pay that lawyer who was going to sue. I was excited to pay some other bills as well until I realized—now I didn’t have a car. But God showed us how to acquire a good used car with cash from a business idea He gave my wife. 

Then God began to give us more business ideas. We began to prosper. It was like a light switch. It took us just two and a half years to pay everything off — about $200,000 of debt.

Money affects everyone. If you are in debt, it can suck the life, vision and hope out of you. Lack of money is a curse. 

In Genesis 3, Adam and Eve had no concerns; all their needs were met. But Adam gave it all away when he rebelled against God. He lost the place of authority and dominion he had over the earth realm and he lost his provision. As a result, God said he would eat of the earth through his own painful toil and sweat. I call this the “earth curse system.” Adam became a survivalist. Fear dominated his thoughts and he lost sight of his purpose. God taught me that there was a way out, an escape from the rat race of just surviving.

In the Kingdom I saw that there was a new way of living, a way of life that superseded the old “How fast can I run?” earth curse system. In Luke 5, Jesus encountered Peter, James and John by the Sea of Galilee and asked to use one of their boats to teach the multitudes. After He finished using Peter’s boat, Jesus said, “Go fishing and cast out your net in the deep water.” Peter replied, “Master, we’ve fished all night and caught nothing.” That’s a picture of the earth curse system—we’ve labored but nothing’s there. But then we see them catching so many fish, their nets began to break and their boats almost sank.  I began to ask myself, “Why did this happen?” What God showed me was when the boat was given to Jesus to use in ministry, the boat changed legal jurisdiction from being under the dominion of men in the earth realm, to the Kingdom of God’s jurisdiction. 

God operates through supernatural downloads

This change in legal jurisdiction allowed Jesus to receive a download from heaven about where the fish were. You and I could catch fish if Jesus told us where they were. I saw the same thing in my life. God began to give me business ideas. He gave me a dream in the night to start a business. He began to show me where the fish were. And He showed me how to harvest.

January 2016 Newsletter
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Many Christians are tithing or giving offerings, but they are missing part of the equation. The Lord told me, “My church has learned to give, but not how to harvest.” We have to know how the system works. When we sow, our money changes governments and gives God jurisdiction to create opportunities. I always say, “Stop looking for money, that is a poverty mindset.” Instead, God helps us develop or capture opportunities to create wealth. Unfortunately, many Christians will sow and then wait for their money to just show up. I call that the “mailbox mentality”—people expect to just find money in their mailbox. It doesn’t happen that way. A million dollar idea is how it happens.

Chris was a man in his forties who came to one of my conferences. His business partner had embezzled from him and he had to close the business. He was done. He had no income. In our conference, Chris heard how God will download ideas, concepts and direction.

That night he went home and prayed about what to do. Then he had a strange thought. He loved to cook and knew how to bake a delicious healthy cheesecake. And he decided, “I’m going to take this cheesecake down to the local health food store and see if they like it.” It just so happened the CEO of the entire health food chain was there that day, tasted the cheesecake and said it was the best he’d ever had. The company gave Chris a contract to bake cheesecakes!

When you apply God’s laws in the Spirit realm, the supernatural happens. You are not limited by your past or even by your present ability when it comes to your future. Don’t give up! 

Gary and Drenda Keesee. As an author, speaker, television host, and successful entrepreneur for more than 27 years, Gary Keesee has helped thousands of families and businesses realize their God-given potential through Kingdom Principles. Gary is the founding pastor of Faith Life Church near Columbus, Ohio.


Odessa, Ukraine Outreach

Dear Mishpochah

By Sid Roth

I am writing you from my hotel in Odessa, Ukraine where I have just finished the most successful Jewish evangelistic meeting in our ministry’s history! One thousand unsaved Jews attended, and better than 99% made a public profession of faith! I have never seen so many miracles happen in such a short period of time. At least one-half of the unsaved Jews said they were instantly healed in their seats.

This high number and percentage of healings and salvations of unsaved Jews has never happened in my forty-plus years of ministry. God is in a hurry to get Jews saved! Especially Ukrainian Jews—this country is involved in a civil war. 

Sid Roth speaks in Odessa, Ukraine
Watch Sid’s Ukraine outreach video report at SidRoth.org/Odessa.

Odessa is an amazing city. In addition to 50% of the population having Jewish ancestry, I feel an open heaven here. I believe God wants this entire city saved. 

My outreach meetings were sponsored by a team of dedicated local pastors. One of the first pastors I met was a Jewish believer with Jews for Jesus. He got saved by reading the Russian version of my Jewish evangelistic book, They Thought For Themselves!

God is so brilliant! He has given me a strategy to ensure my evangelistic meetings are filled with 100% unsaved Jews. This is not limited to Ukraine; it has been proven all over the world, including Jerusalem. At my last meeting in Jerusalem, we had 650 unsaved Jews and 90% made professions of faith. 

Jews are wired to have intimacy with God. Romans 10:2 says we “have a zeal for God, but not according to knowledge.” The Bible also says we have spiritual blindness. But praise God, that blindness is now lifted! Since few Christians will share the Gospel with us and we have a built-in zeal for the supernatural, we are like sheep going to the slaughter. That’s why so many Jews are stampeding into the New Age and the occult. The highest percentage of leaders and participants in these cults are Jews. Even though the Torah specifically condemns these practices and calls them an abomination (Deut. 18:9-11), our rabbis do not warn us of the dangers. In fact, Jewish mysticism (called kabbalah) has now merged with Hinduism and is embraced by many Jewish people, especially in Hollywood.

We did something different on this outreach. At the end of the evening, I invited these brand-new Jewish believers to a meeting at a local church the next day. We had 750 people come to the meeting, 100 of whom attended my lecture the night before. The pastor said he did not recognize 90% of the people at that meeting; there were many new non-believers. 

I had promised at the outreach that for those who came the next day, I would pray for them to walk in the same power I operate in, which is the baptism of the Holy Spirit. After I taught about meditating on the promises of the Bible, I explained how to be filled with the Holy Spirit and the value of speaking in tongues. I told them the qualification for this gift was to be born again. The entire congregation of 750 stood up and prayed the prayer of salvation. Then I prayed for them all to be baptized in the Holy Spirit. 

We have contact information for these new Jewish believers and the local pastors will follow up. I believe they will become the leaders of a great awakening in Ukraine. Right from the start, they got to witness “normal” Christianity—normal as defined by the Bible. They saw 50% of the people at the first meeting instantly healed. They saw over 99% of 1,000 unsaved Jews make professions of faith. By the way, there was a high percentage of amazing miracles in the second meeting also, including a deaf boy getting healed.

My outreach meeting the first night was held on Halloween in a city known for its high number of witches. The witches knew I was here. The spiritual assault hit me on the plane as I was landing in Odessa. Praise God for my intercessors! What the devil meant for evil turned into a historic masterpiece. 

These outreaches are very expensive but the rewards are priceless! We had to keep everything confidential before the event. If the wrong people knew (they monitor our letters), they could abort the meeting. We are arranging even now for an outreach in another country with the potential of another 1,000 unsaved Jews being saved this year! Your financial partnership will help us to capture the largest Jewish harvest in history!