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Messianic Vision - March 2016 Newsletter

The prophetic can bring instant breakthrough, causing opportunities to happen in moments that would normally take a lifetime.

By Shawn Bolz

While I was sitting next to a man on a plane ride to Australia, we began to pass the time in conversation. He was working for oil companies, and this was his last month traveling the globe for them.

At one point he got up and went to the bathroom, and that’s when I heard the voice of the Holy Spirit: He hasn’t told you the whole truth. He is not working for oil companies but is the air marshal. I want to encourage him about his retirement, which is coming fast. I also heard a word of knowledge and got his wife’s name; the place he always wanted to visit in Europe in his retirement; and knowledge about his daughter, who was pregnant with complications.

When he returned, I began to explain how real Jesus is and how He has so much love for us and is present in our lives. Then I asked him if I could share some things I felt God was showing me in order to encourage him. He was very excited and said yes.

“God told me you are the air marshal and that your wife’s name is Patricia. He also told me that He wants what you want more than you ever wanted it—like going to the vineyards in southern Italy when you retire. He also told me about your daughter, Anna, and how she is pregnant but experiencing difficulties, and how you prayed and asked Him to help her. He wants to help her more than you do, and she and her baby are going to be okay.”

He had tears in his eyes the whole time, and when I talked about his daughter, tears streamed down his face. He was gripping both seat handles intensely. “I am not the air marshal!” he said.

“Well, is anything else true of what I felt from God?”

“Yes, all of it!” he said, “but I am not an air marshal.”

I just laughed because I knew he was, but thought maybe he was required to say this. We prayed together and exchanged information, and when the rest of the passengers got off of the plane, he stayed behind.

When I was at the baggage claim I felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned around and it was my new friend. “I can’t believe God showed you I was an air marshal! I had to do a background check on you before I talked to you! That was amazing that God showed you all of that! I want to hear from God like that! I feel like everything is right again in my world.” 

What a statement! I knew he had never felt more loved and connected to God than at that moment, and I knew both of us would never be the same.

Everyone can hear from God.

I am proof of that. I grew up in a loving Christian home where my parents showed us how to include God in our everyday lives. They always had a hunger to see  what was in the Bible, and we would listen for God’s heart and voice to guide our family decisions. This shaped the way that I now pursue God as an adult. They nurtured our belief, and so whether we were born gifted in prophecy or not, our pursuit of God included a pursuit of the prophetic gifts. We couldn’t not  go after it when our parents consistently practiced listening prayer in everyday circumstances. Lose your keys? Ask God to help you find them. Friends going through problems? Ask God how to counsel them.

The prophetic can bring instant breakthrough—causing opportunities to happen in moments that would normally take a lifetime. I have seen one breakthrough prophetic word create the same effect in hearts that ten counseling sessions would take, or give the same level of encouragement as a year of life coaching. I was addicted to the love of God breaking through in the prophetic, and it caused me to desire a greater level of gifting and accuracy so that more of God could be seen.

Getting a Prophetic Mantle starts with seeing what God loves.

By the time I was 26, I had received impartation after impartation (hands laid on me) from other prophetic people and leaders. I was functioning really well in prophetic ministry, but I knew there was more. I was hungry to see the transformative power of God not just encourage the world, but change it! Jesus paid too high a price for us to reduce our prophetic gifting to a few encouraging words. I wanted to see the revelation of Jesus manifest all over the earth!

I spent a year reading about everyone who had ever seemed to have a deeper personal connection with God. I read through biographies and autobiographies of modern revival figures and early church leaders. After each one I kept crying out, “I want to know You! I want to be with You! I want this to be a ‘for real’ experience and lifestyle.” Then one day I heard Jesus say, “I want what you want more than you want it. I want you to be with Me and to know Me and to encounter Me far more than you do!”

I started to get birth dates and anniversary dates.

I have received many upgrades to my prophetic ability to hear and translate God to the world around me. There were times I felt like such a novice, but as I pursued love and eagerly went after prophecy (1 Cor. 14:1), God kept raising my expectation for a deeper connection to Him and the world around me—all through His prophetic gifts. In 2013, I received one of these upgrades, and with it, God showed me the power of the word of knowledge. He wants us to use His intimate knowledge of people to demonstrate how He loves them—how He planned for them to be born, how He loves their marriages, how proud of their education and careers He is—and to cause people to fall in love with Him.

I started to get birth dates and anniversary dates of strangers, grounding them in the knowledge that God knows them and cares about what they care about. I began to hear where people went to school and the types of careers they had. I had visions of significant moments in their lives when something good happened where God had been present. These  prophetic words brought them into a connection, or deeper connection, with the God who loves them and is with them.

I have never seen such a powerful demonstration of God’s love through other types of prophecies as I have seen through words of knowledge. It has taken a lot  of practice though. I started as a beginner, asking many questions when I felt like I was in a revelatory moment, because each new gift or upgrade takes a maturing process. I still do this.

During this time, Randy Clark invited me to visit his ministry school. He wanted to go after the prophetic word-of-knowledge gift specifically—not just for words about healing, but also to demonstrate God’s love through prophecy. He received the impartation from me and then stepped out for nearly an hour, getting street addresses, people’s children’s names and more. It was uncomfortable for him, but so many people were encouraged as they watched a great leader try something new, at great risk. Sometimes the words paid off powerfully and some of them didn’t land with anyone. I know Randy received an upgrade of faith and words of knowledge for prophecy that night, and I know you can as well.


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It’s your turn.

We were all created to hear from God. We can all develop the skills and the relationship to make it wonderful. Don’t get hung up on what you do not have or what is not yet happening. Focus on being grateful for what is there, what you are accomplishing, and what is true revelation and God will multiply it. It’s time to translate God to this world. You are His voice!

Shawn Bolz is the author of Translating God, Keys to Heaven’s Economy, and a kid’s book: Growing Up with God. Visit his website here.


Dear Mishpochah

By Sid Roth

The Church, along with most Christian TV, is stampeding into the seeker-sensitive and the half-grace message. Seeker-sensitive means no speaking in tongues, no casting out demons, no talking about the Blood and no miracles. Short worship, a positive message and out by noon! Low on the supernatural and high on entertainment—it’s all about ME!

The half-grace message is teaching all the wonderful things about grace but eliminating talk about sin, holiness, repentance (not just one-time but a lifestyle), judgment and hell. Jude 1:4 (nlt) nails this half-grace heresy: “ungodly people have wormed their way into your churches, saying that God’s marvelous grace allows us to live immoral lives.”

Praise God for true grace and repentance! Full grace is God’s enabling power to repent and overcome sin! Without the full message of grace, churches are becoming warehouses for hell.

 Simultaneously, the morality of the world is also stampeding toward hell. Just this week I heard of two young children who came home from school and with fear and trepidation asked, “Mommy am I a boy or girl?” Schools are now giving students a “choice” to identify as male or female!

 A friend of mine has coined a new term: “sexual atheists.” These are people who identify as Christian in every area except sex. They even justify living together without being married. With the abortion pill and recent Supreme Court decision about the Texas abortion clinics, we are positioned to murder more babies in the womb than ever before in history! If child sacrifice ushered in such horrific judgment from God in the Bible, what will happen if this worse carnage is not stopped?

Christian students at public universities do not stand a chance. Even if they are well versed in the Bible, few will be able to withstand the atheistic professors, liberal peer pressure from fellow students and the media. And if they were raised in seeker-sensitive, half-grace Christianity, they will be like lambs headed to the slaughter.

Now you see the clear call of It’s Supernatural! We are almost a lone voice in the wilderness preparing the way of the Lord. I promise you we will not compromise for fame or fortune. Our purpose is to seed the next, greatest and perhaps last move of God’s Spirit. I believe many of our viewers as well as those who are enrolled in our mentoring programs and school of ministry will be the leaders of this next great outpouring.

Things looked bleak when John the Baptist first came on the scene. Religion was controlled by the Sadducees and Pharisees. One group did not believe in the supernatural and the other group was bogged down in legalism and tradition. Sounds like today. John broke up the hard religious ground and prepared the way of the Lord.

You and I will be used by God to change America and the world. Because my vision of the move of God is so strong I see revival trumping all the strategies of satan! This is what will happen. The zeal and passion for God of our youth will be so overwhelming that public schools will not be able to extinguish the flames. So many people will be saved, there will not be enough church buildings to hold them. Not to worry. This is the real reason we have so many sports stadiums. Sporting events will be called off because stadiums will be occupied with worshippers. The visible Glory of God will hover over these gatherings.

ALL the sick will be healed. Entire cities will come to Jesus. Prayer will return to schools. Television will have no room for sex and violence. The airwaves will be dominated with amazing creative miracles such as amputees’ limbs growing back. Porn sites and New Age programs will go out of business because the Glory of God will set the captives free. From the White House on down, Jesus will be Lord! I see our next President and VP boldly on their knees crying out to God and not ashamed of the Gospel. Will you join me in looking at the world through the eyes of faith?

We are positioned to capture a major harvest of souls at this next great outpouring! Already we have reached more Israelis than Peter did at the first Pentecost! We are now on a secular TV network that reaches 11.2 million projected viewers! And next month I will announce a new media acquisition that is beyond my wildest expectation. The doors that have recently opened tell me we are in the last of the last days. Will you hitch your star with us with your prayers and gifts? Heaven is the limit. Let’s ride together!