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Messianic Vision - March 2016 Newsletter

And Moses said, “Please show me your glory.” Exodus 33:18

By Dr. Keith Ellis

Throughout my life, God has revealed His Glory to me in remarkable ways and through miraculous events. I have seen Him perform miracles that no one could explain, and I have witnessed wonders that no man could have ever predicted or orchestrated. Even from a young age, God’s Glory was upon me, providing comfort and performing the miraculous.

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I have been drawn to the story of Moses, largely because his early life and walk with God resonated so deeply with me. Moses had an experience that he could never forget—a divine encounter with the Glory of God. I too have had encounters with God’s Glory that I can never forget—that have driven me forward, from Glory to Glory.

As a five-year-old child, I remember having visions and dreams of stadiums filled with overflowing crowds, bathed in a white mist of Glory that fell upon the people as they worshipped. In my dreams and visions, the Glory was always a bright, almost blinding, light that drove out all the darkness.

Life, as it often does, can obscure the vision and destiny God has planned for us. In the 1970s, as a young husband and father of three small children, I was working several jobs to make ends meet. With so much going on, it became easier and easier to miss church services, and I began, unintentionally, to drift away from the Lord. Make no mistake—God was still with me. I was the one who had begun to stray, putting other things in my life ahead of God. I knew I had a God-ordained destiny. I had even experienced the Glory of God firsthand, but I had become distracted by the enemy through the simple mundane issues of life, work, and raising a family.

The year was 1980 and it was Halloween, a night I will never forget. My young son, only six years old at the time, rolled out of bed—comatose. My wife had taken him to the doctor earlier in the day for what we thought was a simple viral infection. However, after rushing him to three separate hospitals, and after hours upon hours of tests, we learned that he had bacterial spinal meningitis. According to the physicians, his case was among the three most severe that they had encountered. The prognosis was critical, and his condition continued to deteriorate over the next several days.

My cry to the Lord was simple

After spending many days and nights at the hospital, with little rest, I asked my wife if I could go home to pray and be alone with God. I remember getting in my car and crying all the way home. I walked through the house and then sat down briefly, looking into my son’s room, his bed barely illuminated by the single light of the hallway. My cry to the Lord was simply, “Lord, help us!” and “Lord, forgive me!”

Just then, out of nowhere, I was caught up, awestruck by a light brighter than a thousand stadium floodlights. I briefly put my hand up, shielding my eyes from the brightness. In an instant, I recalled the dreams from my youth, with the white light I would see so often. At that same moment, I was also reminded of the story of Moses, God’s chosen man. God appeared to Moses at a time when he was away from Him, alone in the desert, when he encountered the Glory in the burning bush. In those few seconds, as I lowered my hand, I could see within the light and the Glory, Jesus Himself. I knew that He could see right through me. He knew it all—the very depths of my heart, every mistake, every sin, but yet He still loved me. He had a plan for me.

As I struggled to compose myself in the Glory, still stunned by what I was seeing, the Lord spoke three simple words, “Go to church,” and just as quickly as He’d appeared, He vanished and the light was gone, with nothing but a misty haze left in the house. I could feel every fiber of my being vibrating. I had been in the very presence of Almighty God. In what amounted to a single minute, I’d had a visitation from God and experienced His manifested Glory.

I immediately drove to a nearby church and rushed to the altar. I thanked the Lord for appearing to me and for the revelation of His Glory. I asked Him to heal my son. Because I had been obedient to His instruction to go to church, I received the second part of His Word for me and the answer to my prayer. As I knelt, with tears in my eyes, God assured me that my son would be healed and that he would be known as a miracle child.

I arrived back at the hospital and learned that my son’s condition had gotten worse, but I held onto my Word from God. I told my wife the story of my visitation from God and His instructions. The following day, my wife and I met with the primary doctor, and I was faithful to deliver the Word that I’d received from the Lord—that my son would be healed and be known as the miracle child. At that point, he was still in a coma. Things didn’t look better. In fact, they looked even worse. But, less than twenty-four hours later, my son came out of the coma. He astounded many of the medical professionals who had observed firsthand his dire condition.

My son stayed in the hospital for another day while the doctors conducted a series of tests. Every test came back normal, with an IQ test even showing that my son had suffered no brain damage—in fact, the assessment rated his IQ at the genius level.

Through the years, I’ve seen so many glimpses of God’s Glory. I’ve seen God’s presence come in so many places around the world. I have seen people experience answered prayers, salvation, healing, deliverance, and supernatural miracles. But the Glory would stay a while and then leave.

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A new move of God’s Glory

In this next move of God, the Glory will be with us 24/7.  I’m expecting a move so powerful and so mighty, that it will literally overshadow entire cities, bringing people from all walks of life to the knowledge of God’s love, grace, and His Glory. By welcoming God’s Glory, and the outpouring of His Spirit, we will see a move of healing and deliverance like nothing we have ever experienced.

Because of this outpouring of God’s love, many will receive Jesus as their Lord and Savior, repenting immediately. As we move into this new era, prodigal sons and daughters will return from the far countries, drawn back into the fold by the abundant, welcoming love of God. The Glory of God will fall upon a new generation, emboldening Spending 60 days forgiving from the heart  as the Lord leads will change your life forever!

them to reach millions of young people for the Lord. One of the mightiest prophets I know said he foresaw a move of God that would bring one billion  young people to the Lord.

In the great healing revivals of the past, from Azusa Street to the great healing evangelists, we saw an abundance of bona fide creative miracles, with body parts healed and restored through the tangible presence of God. In those meetings, hearing aids, wheelchairs, and crutches would be left behind as people received their healings. The Glory of God would inhabit a building, like a cloud, with the Holy Spirit falling on all people, regardless of age or ability. I believe that an even greater move is upon us. We are about to see that same move of the Holy Spirit—but in a greater fashion. Get ready!

Dr. Keith Ellis is a prophet, seer, evangelist and author. He is also the Senior Pastor and Founder of the “Samuel School,” a school of prophetic training.

heavenPrepping for the Glory, Not the Tribulation

F or the first time I understand the deeper meaning of Luke’s account of a young man falling three stories from a loft late one night as Paul was preaching. Acts 20:8 says, “And there were many lights in the upper chamber, where they were gathered together.” Most modern versions translate “lights” as “lamps,” but the King James translates it “lights.” What if the lights were angels?

The same lights appeared in our TV studio recently when we recorded several teaching sessions with my friend, Dr. Keith Ellis. Keith is a seer and has seen these lights/angels before. But this time it was different. The lights were all different colors. Each color represented a different supernatural gifting being brought from Heaven. Just before this happened, a demon almost knocked Keith over in the studio. But the Glory was so strong it couldn’t stay. The minute it left, the angels showed up. I fully expect our studio to be a “supernatural gift transportation system.” As people view our It’s Supernatural! TV show and ISN TV network, these gifts will be delivered all over the world!

Dr. Keith Ellis prophesying over Sid in our It’s Supernatural! studio.

The Glory and supernatural gifting that was in our studio was captured on an exclusive 6-CD series by Keith Ellis and Diane Nutt called, Show Me Your Glory (see page 3). I urge you to get this series and play it often. I believe the Glory will make your home demon-proof.

Included in this one-of-a-kind series, that is only available from our ministry, are four CDs by Keith and two CDs by Diane. Keith and Diane have the highest Glory upon them of anyone I have ever known! And both have been operating in the Glory for many years.

I encourage you to pray often, as I do, the prayer of Moses found in Exodus 33:18, Please, show me Your Glory. The next verse defines God’s Glory as His “goodness.” How would you like to feel and be surrounded with the tangible, visible, goodness of God 24/7? That’s what’s coming any moment now! When this happens, every promise of God will be fulfilled instantly. You will be used by God to walk in the greater works. Amazing creative miracles are about to erupt. Limbs and body organs will instantly manifest!

This Glory outpouring will be greater than any in history. It will make the original Pentecost and all other outpourings appear minor in comparison. After all, this is the grand finale! Why is this happening? Because God is having mercy on our planet just before end-time tribulation starts. He will do a sudden, quick work because God is not willing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance (2 Peter 3:9).

Remember the wedding feast at Cana? The master of the feast said in John 2:10 (NLT), A host always serves the best wine first…. Then, when everyone has had a lot to drink, he brings out the less expensive wine. But you have kept the best until now! God has kept the best wine, His own tangible Glory, until now.

Did you know we published a book of testimonies of former Muslims and we have been systematically mailing it to Muslims in North America? To date, we have mailed the book with a follow up website to over one million Muslims. To God be the Glory!

Did you know we have mailed 190,000 copies of my Jewish testimony book to Jewish families in Germany? That’s in addition to the almost three million copies we have mailed or distributed to predominantly Jewish families around the world!

Did you know we are about to mail my new evangelistic booklet to 720,000 Jewish millennials in North America and point them to a follow up website to answer questions and disciple the new believers? A recent Barna Group survey shows that 21% of American Jewish millennials believe in the deity of Jesus.

I am expecting a great Jewish harvest to speed up the evangelization of the world.

Thank you for partnering with me. May God show us His Glory. May you share and share alike in all the Muslim and Jewish fruit of this ministry. But it’s so much bigger. I believe the One New Man made up of Jews and former Muslims proclaiming the Gospel will give everyone, everywhere an opportunity to know the Messiah. Over a billion souls are about ready to be saved!