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Brigitte Gabriel
Brigitte Gabriel

Brigitte Gabriel is a U.S.-based journalist and news producer who started her career as an anchor for World News, an evening Arabic news program broadcast throughout the Middle East. The following excerpts are from her book entitled, Because They Hate, offered below.

My book is a warning. It is a warning that what happened to me and my country of birth could, terrifyingly, happen here in America, my country of adoption. It is a warning about what happened to countless other non-Muslims in the Middle East and what should never happen again anywhere or to anyone else. It now is becoming a dire warning because I see increasing evidence that what happened to me in Lebanon is beginning to happen in towns and cities throughout America and the Western world. Watching the World Trade Center buildings fall in 2001, I was struck by the same fear that I experienced during the war in Lebanon. As I watched, words instinctively came from my mouth as I spoke to the TV screen: “Now they are here.” I knew instantly why I had survived the suffering I experienced and what the purpose of my life would be. My being an eyewitness to the assault of Islamic jihad against non-Muslim Lebanese gives me a voice to help America and the West understand what is now happening to them.

Radical Islam’s modern war of domination has been picking up momentum. It first began after the Arab nations that were artificially carved out after World War II settled into internal despondency under despots and monarchs appointed by the Allied powers. It slowly fermented through the 1950s and 1960s. By November 1979 it was well on its way when the Iranians took over the American embassy in Tehran.

But no one really noticed or cared.

I noticed when I was a ten-year-old girl in Lebanon, and Muslim rockets exploded in my bedroom on a November night four years before the American hostages were taken. With my life on the line, I really cared, while the rest of the world just watched. My problem was that I wasn’t an American, the marines weren’t coming to save me, and we Lebanese Christian—non-Muslim infidels—were being labeled the aggressors by the press. Muslims dominated and now control Lebanon. Christian infidels paid the price then; and for their indifference and shortsightedness, infidels worldwide are paying the price now.

From Saudi-funded madrassas (Islamic religious schools) and mosques worldwide, to the parliament of Iran, to the cabals of al Qaeda and Hezbollah, radical Islamists have repeatedly declared and demonstrated that their goal is to impose Islamic rule throughout the world, by the sword or by the suicide bomb. Numerous radical Islamic “scholars” have declared that it is every Muslim’s religious duty to dominate or exterminate all infidels. What they write and say is what they are going to do. All we have to do is read and listen.

The United States has been a prime target for radical Islamic hatred and terror. Every Friday, mosques in the Middle East ring with shrill prayers and monotonous chants that call down death, destruction, and damnation on America and its people. The radical Islamists’ deeds have been as vile as their words. Since the Iran hostage crisis, more than three thousand Americans have died in a terror campaign almost unprecedented in its calculated cruelty, along with thousands of other citizens worldwide. Even the Nazis did not turn their own children into human bombs, and then rejoice at their deaths as well as the deaths of their victims. This intentional, indiscriminate, and wholesale murder of innocent American citizens is justified and glorified in the name of Islam.

And yet, there are still Americans who are unable or unwilling to recognize the nature or the extent of the threat presented by radical Islam. Whether motivated by naïve wishful thinking or rigid political correctness, they assert that Islam is a moderate, tolerant, and peaceful religion that has been hijacked by extremists. They ignore the repeated calls to jihad, Islamic holy war, emanating from the government-controlled mosques of so-called moderate Islamic countries such as Egypt, Pakistan, and Indonesia. They refuse to accept that in the Muslim world extreme is mainstream.

On campuses across America, Arabs are using their petrodollars to undermine our war on terror and soften the brains of Western college students toward radical Islamic fundamentalist dogma. These “lobbyists for Islam” are increasingly penetrating our prestigious centers of higher learning with enormous offerings of cash. The Saudi royal family has spent close to $70 billion worldwide to further the teaching of Wahhabism through Islamic madrassas, and to spread anti-American and anti-Israel sentiment. Much of this money is spent deceptively on U.S. college campuses. We pump the gas; they pump their way into the hearts and minds of young freshmen.

Endowed chairs at many prestigious universities give the Saudis ultimate power to influence the curriculum taught to vulnerable American students. This curriculum is typically anti-Western, anti-Christian, and anti-Semitic. What better way to combat the war on radical Islam and pave the way for its takeover of a culture than fifth column psychological warfare. It’s a great opportunity to openly fund some dawah (persuasion and reason) accomplished by taqiyya (lying and deception) protected by the right to academic free speech and endorsed by the boards of directors of U.S. colleges!

I ask you, how far will the perverse use of funding to American universities by the Saudis continue before Americans realize that they have helped and even encouraged the brainwashing of our future generations to hate America, resent our foreign policy, work with our enemy against us, and indirectly sabotage everything we are doing to fight this war on Islamo-facism?

Terrorist networks have set up shop in America. They took their time watching our reaction to their attacks, learning our weaknesses, learning how to use our political system, and studying our immigration system and how it works. America has focused on al Qaeda only as the most threatening group du jour and America’s number-one enemy. This is a grave mistake. Al Qaeda is nothing more than a melting pot of Islamists from different countries and various Islamic militant groups that share an ideology and a hatred for the West. Intelligence reports show evidence that Hamas, the terrorist organization that most Americans believe is Israel’s problem, and Hezbollah, that most Americans believe is a Lebanese problem, have both established cells in the United States and networks with al Qaida to perpetrate suicide bombings in American cities.

The majority of these terror cells are made up of Muslim immigrants from Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and other Middle Eastern Muslim countries. People have families, relatives, or friends residing in the United States and came in the country legally. However, some of these cells include members who are U.S.-born American Muslim citizens, running small businesses under the radar, and having meetings, recruiting sympathizers, and offering videos, Arabic magazines, and other publications that encourage hatred of anything Western and glamorize jihad for Allah.

“The main objective in the radical Islamists’ strategy to dominate the world is the destruction of the United States.”

Muslims have been sounding the call to war for the last thirty-some years, but until 9/11 America was not listening. Americans were not watching the evening news and were not interested in documentaries about world affairs, nor were they listening to radical Muslims proudly and repeatedly announcing their intention to destroy our civilization. On 9/11, and for days afterward, there was rejoicing all over the Arab world. Arabs were dancing in the streets.

Both the attacks themselves and their glorification in the name of God are incomprehensible to the vast majority of Americans. Americans asked why people would rejoice at the loss of innocent life. There is a three-word answer that is both simple and complex: because they hate. They hate our way of life. They hate our freedom. They hate our democracy. They hate the practice of every religion but their own. They don’t just disagree, they hate. Not just Judaism. Not just Christianity. In various parts of the world today, Islamists are also waging terror war against Hindus, Buddhists, and all other “infidels.” The imposition of Islam upon the entire world is not merely their goal. It is their religious duty. They are following the word of their holy book, the Koran, which is the guide to hatred of infidels, waging war, and victory through slaughter.

The main objective in the radical Islamists’ strategy to dominate the world is the destruction of the United States. They know that if America, the keystone, falls, then the arch of Western civilization will collapse. A parallel strategic objective, of perhaps greater symbolic importance, is the destruction of the state of Israel. The Arab world has been pursuing this goal with bloody single-mindedness since 1948.

Some Americans still believe that the terror war against Israel and the terror war against the United States are somehow unrelated. Others believe that radical Islam is waging a terrorist war against the U.S. because of America’s support for Israel. Americans who subscribe to either of these theories need to remember that through Islamo-fascist eyes, Israel is merely “the Little Satan.” The United States is “the Great Satan.” Even if Israel were to disappear, the destruction of America and the subjugation of non-Muslim civilization would continue to be the strategic objective of radical Islam.

Dear Mishpochah,
When I ministered in the former Soviet Union in the early 1990s and saw thousands of Russian Jews running to the altar, I was ecstatic. It was wonderful to see a large group of Jewish people that was open to the gospel. But these were secular Jews who knew very little about Judaism and had not been taught the lie that a Jewish person can’t believe in Jesus.

Sid with Orthodox
Sid Roth witnessing to Orthodox Jewish Men.

I knew before Jesus returned, God would have mercy on Orthodox Jews. When Orthodox Jews come to faith, they will bring revelation of the Scriptures and a restoration of the pure gifts. They will also be the greatest evangelists in history. And the traditional Jewish community will not be able to say these Orthodox Jewish believers are not knowledgeable of Judaism.

Now you can understand why I am so elated over the 70 Orthodox Jewish rabbis and 1,000 Orthodox Jews who have recently come to the Lord. At this point, they are still part of the traditional Orthodox Jewish community. They meet in homes and are not public in their belief. By staying in the community, they believe that they can be more effective in reaching other Orthodox Jews. Actually, it can be life-threatening if the wrong people find they are believers. This is why I am keeping their identity secret. Shortly, they will become public and this will shake up Christianity!

On my recent trip to New York, one of the believing Orthodox Jewish rabbis invited me to attend their meeting. But he said I would have to wear a disguise. He explained that, outside of someone wearing a “Jews for Jesus” T-shirt, I was the most recognizable Messianic Jew in New York. (That means they were watching me on television!)

Also during this trip, the Orthodox Jewish rabbi asked me to pray for him to be baptized in the Holy Spirit. After I prayed, he started speaking in unknown tongues. When I told him that was tongues, he said he had been praying in that language for over a year and did not know what it was. He then told me about another rabbi who is so deep in the Holy Spirit that he knows people’s names and things about their life when he first meets them.

The best book I have ever read explaining the strategy of Islam to destroy America is featured in our lead article. I urge you to read this book that prophetically shows the fate of Lebanon will be America’s fate unless we make major changes.

The growth of Islam is why we must reach the Jewish people quickly while Jewish revival fires are burning. This Jewish revival will be the catalyst for the greatest Gentile revival in history. Revival is America’s only hope.

We are temporarily leasing our new office building with an option to buy (see pictures below). We are believing God for the rest of the finances ($1 million) to quickly purchase the building and to build another one on the lot next door.

Thank you for partnering with me in reaching Jewish people for Jesus. Together we will make a difference. Our television show and evangelistic books are reaping a major harvest
of Jewish souls.

Shalom and Love,

Sid Israel Roth

Unless otherwise indicated, Scripture taken from the New King James Version. Copyright ©1979, 1980, 1982 by Thomas Nelson, Inc. Used by permission. All rights reserved.

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